Thursday, November 27, 2008

I made front page!

My treasury on Etsy made the front page!

Check it out!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feverishly Working

I'm working on a lot of smaller pieces right now that will be posted in the next couple of days. These pieces will all be under $15, most will be below $10. Small canvases, children's art, ACEOs (Art Card Edition Originals). Keep checking back! I'm trying to get a lot of stuff up today for my Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal--free shipping on all small canvases and drawings PLUS a free gift with purchase.

ArtsAfire Etsy Shop

On another note, it's Thanksgiving tomorrow! Jeremy and I are going to my grandparents' house. It's going to be a small dinner, with only Jeremy and I, my grandparents, and the Fish guys. It's going to be hard without Lisa this year, but I think it will still be enjoyable. This will be the first time that I have really helped make a Thanksgiving dinner. In the past, I've mainly been in charge of the cranberry sauce (because I LOVE cranberry sauce and I like to think I make it better than most people because of this love).

So this means that I have a four day weekend with my husband! I'm very much looking forward to kicking back and relaxing (after Thanksgiving cooking, anyway). The house is very clean thanks to a deal I made with Jeremy (I wrote his Anthropology paper, so he deep cleaned the entire house--I definitely got the better end of the deal). And I've been very diligent at keeping it clean all week, which means no dishes in the sink! If there are dishes in the sink, I can't bring myself to care about the rest of the house.

Here's a sneak peak of something from my Children's Art collection:

Item of the Day:

Part of takeoutphoto's "The ABC's of Paris" series. This is obviously "X." I would like to get the entire collection and make a wall out of these photos sometime soon.

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Store Open!

My new art store is open at Etsy! The address is

I'm still in the process of finishing up a few items and listing everything, so please keep checking back for new items and updates.

Any publicity and other forms of help would be greatly appreciated. I have a banner that you can use to advertise my store on your website, just let me know and I'll get the code to you. Sign up for my newsletter--there are prizes involved. If you feel like passing out information about me, let me know--I'll send you postcards and/or business cards and a free gift for your troubles/greatness.

Welcome to ArtByJay!

My name is Jay. I am retired and currently living in Sandy, UT. I have been painting since Fourth Grade when I had a teacher who inspired me. I began with watercolors and then progressed to oils and acrylics.

At the present time my paintings are done in mixed media consisting of watercolors and other water soluble paint. I paint a variety of subjects including landscapes, such as lighthouses, coastal scenes, lakes and streams, fishing boats, mountain and rural farm scenes, castles, etc.

At retirement I was diagnosed with MS, and my painting has been a form of therapy. Because I am limited in the ability to physically participate in activities formerly enjoyed, my painting has filled a void and brought may hours of fulfillment and an increase in artistic ability.

My granddaughter, Sara, runs my Etsy and Artfire shops for me.


E-mail Address:
Etsy Conversations:

Welcome to ScarletBlvd!

My name is Sara. I've been married to my wonderful husband since 2006 and we currently reside in West Bend, WI where I am a stay-at-home mom and artist on the side and my husband works as a bioinformatics analyst.

I've been making art since I was 13, when I started by drawing Dragonball Z characters. Yes, I was so cool. But my shading and pencil techniques really evolved during that time and I eventually graduated to pen and ink and then painting. My grandfather has been a painter his entire life and I've always wanted to be like him. We have very different styles, but I definitely got my artistic talent from him.

I thoroughly enjoy colors. As a result, most of my abstract pieces have no subject matter. Or, if you prefer, the subject matter is color. Of course, my drawings and my more realistic paintings will have a subject matter, but color is an important aspect of each of my pieces.

Lately I've been very much into a more digital approach in my art. You will be seeing a lot of subway art (which I will work to customize with you) and a lot of interesting blueprint art prints.


Each month I hold a drawing for one free print. This drawing is taken using my newsletter subscribers. They also receive special sales and coupons. To sign up go to the homepage and sign up using the form on the right.

I NEVER spam and I will not contact you for any reason beyond sending you the monthly newsletter and telling you how to claim the free print if you win it.


E-mail Address: artsafire.etsy {at} gmail
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