Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Real Snow


For some reason the plows didn't show up until around 9:30 a.m. It took 35 minutes to get to work this morning. I live 4 miles away.

And I'm wearing sandals because I didn't realize it had snowed so much until I was outside and already running late.

Good day.

Tonight is my work Christmas party. We're very small. Four people. So with spouses, eight people. So we get to go to a fancy dinner. I'm excited because I haven't been to a fancy dinner in a long time and I've never been to this particular restaurant (The Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point).

My boss is giving us a ride because our car is dangerous in this sort of weather. I'll be glad when our Mini Cooper arrives in a couple of weeks. Better snow car. With snow tires!

I have absolutely no Etsy news today. I have been working on Christmas presents this week. Paintings for my mother, a Charles Scheeler drawing for my step-dad. I'll post pictures as soon as they're done. My husband will be incredibly disappointed if I don't do more of the paintings I did for my mother for my Etsy shop, so similar paintings will be on sale eventually in my store. The drawing however--never again! It looks so simple. Then you try to draw it and it is so out of proportion with itself that it just doesn't work out at all. Ugh. But I recruited my grandfather's help and with some nifty projection machinery and voila! It's almost done. I'm halfway done, anyway. This is the original lithograph by Charles Scheeler:

Looks real simple, huh? There is no vanishing point. It makes no sense.

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jolijoli said...

Is that picture of the snow outside your house? It's so beautiful!