Monday, December 8, 2008

First Sale for Art By Jay!

My grandpa's store made it's first sale today! I'm so excited about it because I've been wanting him to sell his art for so long! I've had his shop up for exactly one week now and I've been promoting it and everything and finally a sale!! He sold a gorgeous painting of some fishing boats at the dock--it had the most beautiful blues in it! It was one of my favorites.

Today I have been swamped at work. Trying to get the website all finished and set up, getting approval for the new newsletter, writing up white papers and doing research. I'll be glad to get home so that I can relax (read: paint and work some more) with my husband. He took the day off today. So unfair. He wasn't feeling well, but still. So unfair.

But that's okay because in exactly two weeks from this moment we will be entering California for a week-long Disneyland extravaganza! Just my husband and me, 5 days in Disneyland over Christmas. And, I'm taking the Friday before we leave off because I had extra vacation. Good times.

Be sure to check out the Etsy Artist of the Day post below--I'm highlighting vsc83. She has gorgeous jewelry!