Friday, December 5, 2008

To sell the bed? Or not to sell the bed?

So, we just created a guest room because we got ourselves a new bed and mattress which we love (and I previously blogged about it here). So we moved our old bed into the second room and converted it from solely an office to an office/guest room/game room--sounds cluttered. It really isn't. A desk, a TV, and a bed--that's it.

But. Painting on the living room floor is starting to take a toll on 1) my back, 2) my sanity, 3) my cheerfulness, and 4) the cleanliness of my living room. It's a disaster zone in there right now. (Please refer to previous post for the reasons why I personally do not have to help clean the house AT ALL this weekend! Yay!)

So, Jeremy would like to buy me this desk from Ikea for an art desk since you can tilt it and it has a glass top for easy cleaning:

Here's the big question: Do we sell the extra bed in the guest room (it's less than two years old because we're completely irresponsible and when we saw our new to-die-for bed we couldn't pass it up) and turn that into an office/studio? Or do I go all organization-ninja on my front closet (which is HUGE and EASILY fits a large desk in there with chair!) and put the desk in there, rig up some great wall-hanging cabinets for supplies above it, add a couple of desk lamps and use the built in shelving on the side for all my large supplies? It's such a hard decision! Because we might move this summer, in which case we might need the extra bed. There are a lot of "mights" going through my head right now. And if we don't move, I certainly don't want to be stuck on the living room floor for the next year or two.

Any thoughts on the matter?


Amie Hartman said...

I think that maybe you need to consider how often you might need the guest room. I used to use a closet as studio space, and I was miserable due to the confining space. Could you maybe sell the bed and with the proceeds buy a less permanent guest bed. Ie - one of those self-inflating deals on the collapsible frame?

Amie Hartman said...

Hi Sara,

You're welcome. I forgot to mention that I have that Ikea desk and I absolutely love it.

And I would be honored to be on your blogroll! Thanks for compliment!