Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Toothpaste and Oranges, and Etsy Artist of the Day

I am starving. Probably because I dropped my husband off at school (oh, so cold that early in the morning) and came home and got back into bed until 8:35, so I was obviously pressed for time if I was going to get to work on time at 9:00 a.m. So I only grabbed a clementine (mini orange--delicious) for breakfast, didn't make myself a lunch, and zoomed out the door--only to be 10 minutes late for work.

So I ate my mini orange once I got here and that was a wholly unsatisfying experience. The beauty of a clementine orange lies in it's wonderful sweetness (and easy peeling). The lingering toothpaste (of nearly an hour before actually eating the orange) cut right through that sweetness and turned it into a bitter/sour mess.

So now I'm hungry and unsatisfied.

I recently started following museums on Twitter. I am loving that. Having an art history degree (and going through major college withdrawals because as nice as my job is, it isn't art or art history so I feel very unfulfilled lately) makes me a lover all of things museum, art, and art history so having that little slice of museum in my life is comforting, especially since I live in Utah where there is very little culture beyond Thomas Kinkade (note the sarcasm--that is not culture--he has no light source and he drives me insane). What I would not give to work in a museum. I do not have my Master's degree yet, though. And I won't for a couple of years because, once again, I live in Utah. And I don't want to get my Master's degree from BYU because 1) I got my Bachelor's degree from BYU, and 2) I don't really care for their Art History Master's program. So, I will continue to be a marketing manager while painting at home on evenings and weekends in hopes of finally making enough from selling my art so that I can make that my only full-time job.

I took last night off from painting. I felt like such a slacker. I did nothing but watch Gossip Girl and Heroes with my husband. Which most definitely is not a wasted night because I spent time with my husband who has been very neglected lately while I got my shop up and running and have been putting a promotional plan into place. But I still felt like a slacker. This is why I need a way to make my art my full time job. So that I don't have to feel so stretched and constantly guilty for watching TV with my husband rather than painting. It doesn't help that Christmas presents all need to be done by this weekend and I haven't even started...gotta get on that.

On to my featured Etsy Artist of the Day!

Scheri's Abstract!

At http://scheri.etsy.com, Patricia Scheri sells gorgeous hand-painted pendants. Despite being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 14 years ago, she still has the perseverance to paint these delicate and beautiful works of art.

I encourage everyone to check out Scheri's Abstract on Etsy!

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