Monday, December 7, 2009

Help me win these shoes, please!!!

So, I entered the Reebok Women's Easytone Design contest on Facebook. If I get enough "likes" on my photo/design, I'll win the pair! I could really use some new running/walking shoes, so if you could take a minute (if you have a Facebook account) and vote for my shoes by


I would be eternally grateful. :) It'd help me in my quest for a better butt and better thighs.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A $20 art sale? Feedback, please.

I've found that I've been going in a different direction lately with my art and I'd really like to have a more cohesive look to my shop starting in the new year. But to do that, I need to move most of my current inventory.

I have a day job that I like, so I'm not terribly concerned about massive profits on my current stuff--I'm mostly concerned with moving it out and perhaps picking up some money for the holidays.

So here's my thought: a 2-day $20 art sale. Everything for $20. Big huge stuff for $50, probably. Or maybe $75?

I need some feedback before I decide to do it, though, since it's kind of a big step.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Also, I no have Google Wave and I don't know anyone else who has it. It's kind of boring when there's no one else on it. If you have it, feel free to add me or whatever you do on there: I'm still figuring it out.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday! 30% to 50% off of everything!

Plus, free shipping on all items!

Prices start today (Sunday) and go until I think I'm tired of having a sale. Probably not more than a week.

Everything is 30% to 50% off with free shipping. Most is 50% off, so the deals are incredible! I'd like to empty my current inventory for the new year.

I've got some great stocking stuffers and paintings available for sale!

I've listed my new art necklaces and they're currently 50% off! They're glass lockets with prints of my pointillism flowers. Large lockets are $15 and small glass pendants are $12.50 right now!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

I'll be at the Provo Posh & Chic Boutique on Black Friday! All vendors will be handmade and/or local businesses. It really is a one-stop destination for your Black Friday shopping! Without having to wait in lines all night long, by the way. :) Who doesn't love that? Free covered parking for shoppers! It will be at the Provo Marriott Hotel and Conference Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, click here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poison Ring

I went to an antique shop with my friend a couple of weeks ago and we tried on all the antique rings. One of the ones that caught my eye turned out to be a poison ring, or a cyanide ring. The gem opens up to hold a poison tablet or poison powder. I didn't immediately buy it, but I haven't been able to keep it off of my mind since then, so I went back yesterday and bought it. After all, that's a sign that you really want it and it's not just an impulse purchase, right?

Disclaimer: That is not a cyanide tablet. It's a sugar pill. Purely for display purposes. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Basically, Jack Skellington is awesome.

My birthday present from my husband since we spent my birthday in Disneyland:

Best necklace ever.

My traditional Eeyore purchase (I must make one Eeyore purchase on every trip, because I fancy Eeyore and I to be good, nay, best, friends):

Best mini Eeyore ever.

I also got the First Frost Coat from Anthropologie from my husband. I hate winter a little less now because 1) I am toasty-warm, and 2) I am stylish beyond reproach.

Best coat ever.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Great, Easy-to-Make Art Show Walls!

This idea comes from The Willows Nest and it's how she displays her art inexpensively while still looking really professional. Be sure to check it out! I'll be making a couple for my upcoming show on Black Friday!

Click Here to Learn How to Make Great Looking, Inexpensive Walls!

On an unrelated note, Disneyland for my birthday was simply spectacular!

I LOVE Stitch!

Ch-ch-ch-Chip 'n' Dale, Rescue Rangers! One of my favorite cartoons of all time.

TIGGER! Eeyore wasn't out that day. He's my favorite, but I also love Tigger and Pooh!

In line for Space Mountain! Such a great roller coaster!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Introducing: Free Shipping. All the time.

Free shipping on everything. From small paintings to big paintings. From now on. (And I didn't raise the prices to adjust for the free shipping--no worries there.)

- and -

Be sure to read the next post down about my trippy space dreams. They're pretty entertaining.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dream Recap: Trippy Space Dreams

Lately I've been having a lot of space dreams. Really crazy, sometimes terrifying, space dreams. And then, of course, there was the "Professor Snape is trying to kill us with an electrified dimension-hopping piano!" dream.

So, for posterity, and kicks and giggles, here's a recap of my last week or so of dreams (and nope, not pregnant):

1) I had a dream that groceries cost $1599 because sour cream rang up at $1107. Instead of just putting the sour cream back, I said, "Wow, we're only shopping at Costco from now on" and we abandoned our cart. And then, as we left the store and Jeremy went to get the car, evil transformer-like things that absorbed people (like Cartman's evil trapper keeper on South Park) took over the world and I have no idea where Jeremy went. I ended up in space with Stan from South Park (who had been absorbed by the trapper keeper evil transformer, but turned the machine good) in a Chips Ahoy galaxy with a caramel swirl center (we got there through a really trippy wormhole) and Kyle (also from South Park--noticing a theme?) was the commander at the resistance headquarters in space and I had to jump down no less than 8 swirly canyons to get away from the evil robot chasing me and I hit a lot of trees on the way down. Overall, it was terrifying and quite painful.

2) I had a dream that our friends Derek and Tiffany were illegal spicy burrito dealers. They got their burrito supply from Mexico.

3) I had a dream that I was an intergalactic foreign ambassador to the alien nations and I worked for NASA. I drove a Z06 Corvette (that looked more like an Audi R8 than a Corvette) through space as my primary mode of transportation. And my name was Jane because "Sara" was offensive to the aliens, and I cared more about my "intergalactic foreign ambassador" dream job than my name. I went to a space school to deliver something and ran into my old old old friends Justin and Cameron, neither of whom I have seen or spoken to in years. Then Justin made me miss my flight to Minneapolis.

4) I had a dream that wasps took over the world and when they stung people they turned them into zombies. So we had to build an underground shelter to escape the wasps and the zombies. It took eight years to complete and there was a lot of close calls (running from wasps and zombies). And then when we finally got down to the shelter and we realized we didn't have any batteries. So we had to go topside again.

5) I had a dream that Professor Snape was trying to kill all of us (students) with an electrified piano. The piano was basically a black baby grand piano and when you played a certain note, electricity would shoot out and wrap around your arms and suck you into a blue and black wormhole that sent you to another dimension. And when that didn't work, he tried to kill you by pouring watered down popcorn on you. I don't really remember how that worked...So, after saving people and running from him (all around my grandparent's house, which is where the entire dream took place), I told him that I wished he'd die because he was evil and he tried to put watered down popcorn on me. When I woke up from the dream, I fell back to sleep and the dream started up again--but Spock had taken the place of Snape.

I'll let you know what happens tonight.

Monday, October 26, 2009

New paintings!

Today I listed three new paintings on Etsy, all of which I think have a certain fall flair to them.

Ray of Hope - 8 x 10 - Currently on Sale through Friday - Textured canvas with black, brown, and gold accents around a solitary tree on a dark plain

Fall Leaves Under Glass - 8 x 10 - Currently on Sale through Friday - Under drawing of fall leaves with an overlay of clear crystal gel, painted with fall colored airbrush paints

Abstract Butterfly Collage - 8 x 10 - Currently on Sale through Friday - Textured canvas with an iridescent cream/gold glaze, with paper collage decorated with dark blue tar gel and cut out in the shape of abstract butterflies on branches

Tomorrow I'll blog about the process of creating the Fall Leaves Under Glass painting. For now, though, it's nap time. I have a flu-like something and my head is pounding and I'd like to sleep through some of it. Have a wonderful day! And don't forget to visit my shop. My sale is good through Friday, and everything is on sale, even my new pieces!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Process Blogs" this week! And simply the best coat ever.

I've been creating various paintings this weekend and I'll be "process blogging" about how I created them throughout this week. Here are some in progress pictures. I'm currently waiting for layers to dry on all of these so I can start the next phase.

Underpainting awaiting various glazes

Crackle paste in the process of drying/cracking, awaiting a mosaic overpainting

Modeling paste textured canvas with distressed glaze awaiting foreground painting

Under drawing with clear granular gel being applied

As the clear granular gel dries, it becomes transparent and awaits glazes and paint

To be kept up to date about new blogs, paintings, and news, visit ArtsAfire's Facebook Page and become a fan! Fans also get exclusive coupons and sale codes!

My inventory clearance sale is still going through October 30th! Be sure to visit throughout this week for new paintings that will be introduced on sale. :)

On an unrelated note, my birthday is in a little less than two weeks and I've found what I want:

My husband and I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and he found this coat at Anthropologie. It's simply the best coat ever (along with my yellow Ann Taylor coat, but that's more of a "Fall jacket" than a winter coat) and I need a warm winter coat. I always go for cuteness, not warmth, so finding this gem that offers both is pretty much a once-in-a-decade event for me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New ACEO prints! And a bathroom remodel!

I've made my pointillism flowers available as ACEO prints! They're for sale individually and right now, to coincide with my sale, they're 20% off! Only $4 for these beauties! With an oversized mat, these make a really elegant statement. In fact, I'm thinking of framing one to put next to my pretty silver lamp on my bedside table in lieu of a vase of flowers, which I think is actually too overpowering on my bedside table since my lamp is of a larger size. When I get it framed I'll take a picture. Anyway, here they are!

You know how I get bored and instead of moving I remodel a room (so much cheaper in the long run)? Well, I bought a new shower curtain. It's black and white and vintage Mickey Mouse. Trust me, it's classy. It's not one of those plastic ones like most Disney shower curtains--it's a heavy fabric and it's got really pretty designs around the edge. Anyway. I liked it so much that I bought the matching rug. But that's as Disney-fied as I'm going to make the bathroom (it makes us really happy, though). But now I'm itching to change the rest of it up! Make it more sleek and clean and less frou-frou to better match the new Mickey Mouse shower curtain and bath mat (really, it's Disney, but it's not frou-frou--it's making me look around at my bathroom and think, "PINK? REALLY?!" And yes, it's a really gorgeous coral-y Anthropologie based bathroom. And I still get completely giddy over my matching rugs and towels from there, but I think it's time for a change.) So, over the next month I'll be buying new accessories and towels. Replacing the pink with black and white with a touch of green. And replacing flowers with milk bottles and other pretty glass containers.

Can't wait to post pictures!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love California

And this piece right here, totally reminds me of the California sun. (The word "totally" also reminds me of California because of it's "Valley Girl" connotations.) It's only $16 right now. Can't pass that up. Just click here. :)

Just got back from a business trip to California where I had an intensive day of Redtail CRM training. I've come to the conclusion that California and I get along well. I mean, I'd like to avoid L.A. I think it might be scary living there. I feel safer walking around in NYC late at night than I do going into a gas station in L.A. That's where I was this weekend.

But I would still like to live in Southern California. The fact that it's near Disneyland is a big bonus, too, since that's our favorite thing to do. We're going back for my birthday in 2 weeks.

My official "birthday season" started this weekend. Yes, my birthday is a big event. Jeremy and I went shopping and I got two new pairs of shoes from ATL, two necklaces and some gorgeous earrings from Anthropologie, and two new shirts ($12 and $14 on sale at Ann Taylor Loft and NOT summer clothing--sale on fall clothing!). Overall, it was a good haul.

If you'd like to contribute to my birthday fund...

my sale is still going on!

Just click here. I have things from $4 on up. And everything is 20% to 50% off. Really, it can't be beat.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I don't know much about, but I've been meaning to look more into it. Today I received a message from WinterGarden on Etsy saying that she was a big fan of my work and had included me in her spotlight!

I think it's curated gorgeously and I'm so honored to be a part of it! It all looks so great together!

I was looking around the site and I really like it! I still need to do some more looking into it to fully understand what's going on there, though. Does anyone have first hand experience with What kinds of things do you do there? Is it a very big community?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All You Want for Christmas...

My birthday is coming up in less than a month, marking the beginning of the best time of the year!

And in traditional birthday fashion, I thought, "I need to make a birthday wishlist to give my husband ideas!" And then I remembered we're going to Disneyland for my birthday and in all likelihood my birthday present will come from there. Which pleases me.

But at this point, I wanted to make a wishlist or at least some kind of list.

Hence, the "What I'm Giving for Christmas" list was born!

I found presents for everyone on my list on Etsy. For those of you on my list, can you guess what you'll be getting?

To help ease my purchasing of these items, I'm hoping that my pre-holiday inventory clearance sale going on right now (click here, hint, hint) with prices slashed up to 50% (click here, hint, hint) will expand my current Christmas budget.

Here's to holiday sales and the joy of handmade gift giving!

Monday, October 12, 2009

SALE!!! And a new car!

First off! SALES!! Sales sales everywhere. I'm having an inventory clearance sale to make room in my husband's closet for more of my paintings while not taking anymore of his "clothing room." Everything is 20 to 50% off!! And custom orders are 15% off! On the big paintings, this is a big huge discount. On the small paintings, you're still looking at $10 to $20 to $30 off! Can't beat that!

Simply click here to mosey on over to ArtsAfire and see what you'd like to buy for your walls today!

Also! ArtByJay is having a huge ACEO and art print sale! They are all 40% off! This means you only pay $4 for ACEOs and $12 for prints! Much like you can't beat the sale in my shop, you can't beat this sale, either!

So, if you're of the watercolor persuasion, simply click here to mosey on over to ArtByJay to pick out a gorgeous print to adorn your walls!

So since we went to Disneyland right before my last post...

we went again. And we bought a car! (Which is why we went again--the car was 10 miles from Disneyland!) So we ended up just getting our Annual Passports while we were there. Believe me, we were kicking ourselves for not just upgrading our tickets since we'd been there TWO WEEKS BEFORE, but hey, we didn't think we'd be going back until April so that's when we'd buy our Annual Passes! But now we can also go for my birthday on November 6th since it's the Birthday Celebration year and I'll get free money since I don't need a free ticket.

But anyway. Here's our BEAUTIFUL car!

We're still waiting for the bank to send us the title, hence the Cali license plates. The Utah DMV is the most obnoxious DMV I've ever encountered. Can't get a temporary "no title" permit without receipt of title, but can't get receipt of title without the title, and then why would you NEED a temporary "no title" permit if you had the title? You could just get your registration!

Ever since our last Cobra (1996 Mustang SVT Cobra) was totaled in January...

...we've been aching for another one. So when we found this baby (1997 Mustange SVT Cobra with only 52,000 miles on it, already supercharged and fully awesome) we had to jump on it!

So now we have our two cars. Which was the plan when we ordered the Mini Cooper S back in October of last year.

Here I am with the cars. And this picture shows just how short I am.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Single best vacation ever. We stayed at Paradise Pier in the Disneyland Resort and they had a roof top pool where we enjoyed our afternoon breaks.

I got a great tan, we did some awesome shopping (I got a Jack Skellington alarm clock--one of the traditional ones with bells on top), ate some great food, and had the time of our lives!

A Disneyland employee told me, very seriously, that I was eating my churro upside down. I actually stopped to check. So this is me proving that a churro can be eaten from both ends.

We are SO getting annual passes for Christmas. We didn't get our fill.

Now that I'm back from vacation and I came home to a big box of art supplies, I'm getting started on art again. :) Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I apologize. I am still on vacation.

Ya know how I haven't blogged about anything in a long time?

That's because I've been on vacation. And will continue to be on vacation until September 12th. I have a lot of new art supplies coming my way, though, so new things will begin to pop up soon. I have many, many ideas.

As a testament to my vacation, my Etsy bill was $4.00 this month. That is how much of a vacation I am on. In June, it was $90.00 with sales and renewals and new items. This month: $4.00. Pleasant financial surprise/ugly reminder that I have not done a thing with my business for two months.

I have not been paying any attention to anything except getting semi-swimsuit-ready. (Yes, at the end of the summer. Paradise Pier has a roof-top pool with waterslides and we like to take breaks from Disneyland crowds from 2-5 p.m.) Still not exactly happy with my thighs (ugh) but at least my arms look good and I'm tan (because I have braved the world in my Victoria's Secret push-up tankini two weekends in a row now) and I've still got three days to do lunges and squats and calf-raises and Jillian Michaels workouts.

That's all for now. Just thought I'd let you all know that I will be back soon, just not yet. I haven't forgotten about my blog or my blog friends or even my newsletter--though that has suffered from my summer vacation as well.

Also, I now love yoga. Just throwing that out there. I can wrap my hands around the bottoms of my feet. And I can get into crane for like, 2 seconds before I fall flat on my face (into my "crane pose safety pillow" to protect my face, of course). I think I deserve a trophy.

Though my crane is not nearly as pretty as this lady's (and where is her safety pillow?!):

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I swear that I remember I have a blog...

It's just that I completely forgot to say, "Hey, I'm gonna be sparse because I'm on vacation." My mom came into town and we had a great time and I completely forgot about my business and my blog and everything that has to do with it. But now I'm back! And I have a ton of new ideas for paintings that I can get started on once I get some supplies! Because I was in a creative dry spell my husband bought me this:

One look through this book and I am filled with tons of new ideas using all the new mediums I discovered! On my list of needs: a circular sander, more modeling paste and other mediums, a hot plate, and some tuna cans.

I actually had that as my facebook status a couple of days ago and my friend asked if I watched Pinky and the Brain back in the day and whether I was planning to take over the world. I answered no, I needed that stuff for artistic purposes, but now that I think about it, I'll bet those would be useful. Macguyver style, you know? (Note: I've never seen Macguyver, I've just heard the jokes.)

Pet peeve of the day: When you get an e-mail from a credit card company (of a credit card you only keep for medical purposes that currently has no balanace) that says, "IMPORTANT! changes to your account" and you go into it and it just says stuff about promotional periods for new purchases. That is not an IMPORTANT! change to my account. Caps are not needed. Thank you for the mild heart attack.

By the way, I totally hit most of my goals. Including the 10 lbs. lost one. :) Go me. It helps that all food currently repulses me. For about the past week I've had constant nausea and all I want is french bread and watermelon...either I've got a stomach bug, I've got anxiety issues, or I'm pregnant. It's a little better today. Less constant. For the first time, if I were pregnant, it wouldn't be a financial crisis. But, as I'm still slightly scared of children (they still intimidate me), I'd prefer a bug. Plus, pregnant women can't ride California Screamin' at Disneyland, and that's where I'll be in three weeks!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everything that is new, condensed for your reading pleasure

1. My painting greetings are FINALLY available for sale!! Right now only the abstract line is up. More styles are coming. You can personalize the message and there are multiple colors to choose from!

2. Both ArtByJay and ArtsAfire are open on 1000 Markets! We're still adding items, but it's up and running!

3. I'm only 3 items away from my goal of having 50 items in my Etsy shop by August 1st! And I'll have 15 in my Artfire shop tonight so when I do my goals recap, I'll be able to mark off quite a few!

4. I really need to make a sale. Getting slightly down here.

5. But, on a positive note, I've been really great about my fitness and nutrition lately! I'm down 3 lbs in the last week! Well on my way to fitting into the best jeans ever (my Ann Taylor curvy jeans--they have a smaller waistband than hips so there's no weird gapping) for our Disneyland trip!