Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another treasury and a blog mention! And a NEW CAR!!

My grandfather and I have been kind of MIA on Etsy lately because 1) I was on vacation over the holidays at Disneyland, and 2) we totaled our beautiful Cobra Mustang the day we got back into town--very depressing. So I've been dealing with that. But starting this weekend, there will be new additions to the stores! I'm going to get my house clean, get my art studio set up (No more painting on the living room floor and not being able to move after I'm finally done!), and get to work.

We picked up our new 2009 Mini Cooper S last night! I don't have pictures yet because it was really dark by the time we got to the dealer (Insert grumbling about winter and cold and dark here) but I will have pictures very soon! Hopefully tonight. It's pepper white with a black top and black fold-in mirrors--It's so pretty. And it's really fun to drive! It has a very different clutch from what we're used to with the Cobra, but we'll get used to it--we haven't stalled it (yet), we're just kind of slow to get started sometimes. It has leatherette seats which are heated--very nice. The Cobra had leather seats that would stay cold forever, so even if the heater was melting you, you were too cold if you turned it off because of the cold seeping through your clothes from the seats.

My grandfather and I were mentioned on a blog by a fellow Etsy seller, Artisanne. I highly recommend checking out her shop--she has gorgeous Scottish sea glass creations! I have my eyes on a couple of her necklaces! And I'd really like to purchase one of her keychains for my new Mini key! (Has anyone ever seen one? It's not a key! It's just a round disk that you push into a slot on the dash and then press the "Start" button!)

And, I was put into another treasury by jolijoli (love her shop name). It's gorgeous! Everyone should check it out.
Please Be Mine Treasury

I will be sending out my newsletter tomorrow with the winner of the free monthly painting!

My favorite item from my shop today:

Trio of Pointillism Flowers, Limited Edition of 10

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