Saturday, January 24, 2009

Best. Coat. Ever.

So today Jeremy and I had to go to Ikea (I say "had to" because it's Saturday and I try to avoid Ikea on Saturdays because it's a mad house) to get me a new chair to go with my new art studio as well as some storage for all of my supplies. We also stopped at Ann Taylor Loft because I love that store. I found this gem of a coat:

Love it!! I bought it online because it was 30% off online only--way to shop smart, Sara!! Plus, when I put it on, Jeremy looked like he fell in love with me all over again. He loves it as much as I do--apparently I am gorgeous in yellow.

Now this jacket is on my radar for Spring:

I loved that one, too. But it's still coat weather and that is NOT a warm jacket so I'm just going to keep my eye on it. If it goes on sale before spring/jacket weather I'll snap it up.

Our house is SO clean. It's fantastic! Except for my in-progress art studio. We have to get the new storage set up (We got a dresser for my supplies--sounds weird, but it will work great! And it matches my Ikea art desk!) and all that stuff that we stored under the bed that we gave away now needs a new home. So that room is a little cluttered. But the rest of the house--heaven!

Watching Iron Chef America. That is such a bad idea this late at night because it always makes me hungry.


Brenda said...

Enjoyed the jackets and looking through the lovely art!

smilemonsters said...

That coat is awesome!