Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite Friday

So on Fridays I'm instituting "Favorite Friday." It's on Friday because of the alliteration.

(Side story: One time in college my roommate called from the pantry, "Has anyone seen my big box of brownies?" and before anyone could answer she burst out laughing. We figured it was because the brownies were right in front of. But we still asked what was so funny. She comes out of the pantry and just repeats "Big box of brownies" between her laughter. We all looked at her like she was crazy because we kind of thought she was at that moment. And then she says, "Alliteration!" She was an English major. So now, every time I see or hear alliteration I think of that story and I chuckle.)

Every Friday I'll choose a favorite of mine from Etsy, either from my shop, my grandfather's shop, or just any shop that I come across on Etsy. Today, to provide more exposure to my grandfather, my favorite comes from his shop.

White Light House art print - 8 x 10

It's really a toss up between the one above and this one because the latter was given to me for my wedding present and it's absolutely gorgeous! (The one for sale on the Etsy shop is NOT my painting--my grandfather liked it so much he painted two of them.) They're both favorites. But today, I'll choose the White Light House. It's available as both an art print for $35 or the original for $275.

When I was younger I went to an art gallery with my grandparents and there was a painting of a white house. Just a plain front white house with a bare yard. And all three of us fell in love with it because it was such a beautiful and haunting picture. It told such a story. It looked abandoned, but at the same time, not. Like maybe the owners were just away for awhile. No matter what the real story behind the painting was, we all loved it and my grandparents bought it.

Because my grandfather is a painter they don't really need to ever buy watercolors because my grandfather has such a collection of his. This painting is not the one that we saw. It's one that I saw once when I came to visit--my grandfather had painted it recently. It's not the same setting at all and the house is a completely different architectural style, but it gives me that same feeling. I can look at it for hours and never get bored. The colors, the seemingly empty house and lighthouse, the grass blowing in the wind--they're all mesmerizing to me.

So today, this is my favorite painting. Because it sucks me in and I don't get tired of looking at it. Because it's done so beautifully and because it reminds me of when we all first discovered the white house painting, now hanging in my grandparent's bedroom. That painting and the memory of finding it has always made me happy.


Laura said...

Sara I am getting a crush on your Grandfather. He is super talented!

glentwistle said...

What a wonderful painting. You are lucky to have such a talented grandfather to follow.

Creative Coquette said...

What I love is how I can feel a sweet cool breeze and smell the ocean when I look at this painting

It's beautiful and your grandfather is very talented.

Flight Fancy said...

What a wonderful painting! you definitely get lost in the image. I can see old rag rugs on the floors, and chenille bed covers.

Sue said...

Oh my, that painting is
wonderful. I can see how you get sucked into it. The atmosphere is compelling.



TexNan said...

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