Thursday, January 15, 2009

Featured Seller: Morelle

My husband said, "For one of your presents you get to pick out a Coach purse from the Park City store for Christmas this year." And I said, "Actually, I'd like a morelle. From Etsy." This made him really excited because he, for some reason, is really excited about me buying handmade. I love buying handmade so I understand my preference for it. Still not really sure about his reaction.

I have been following morelle's Etsy shop ( for quite awhile now, admiring her "truffle" purses. Morelle is a small, one-woman business based in Amsterdam. Of her designs, she says:
"All the designs are made by me, Katie. I create whatever comes to mind... I usually get an idea and quickly draw it down! I get inspiration from the city I live in and from everyday situations around me. I like color and I like the idea of a bright, pretty bag standing out in the middle of a busy city."

She was featured on Etsy as the featured seller back in November. To read her interview, click here.

Distressed Leather Truffle Purse

Valkyrie Wristlet


I have yet to purchase my morelle purse. I'm currently holding out for either the Morchella purse or one of the Truffle clutches (seen below). She's currently sold out so I'm waiting and watching, ready to pounce.


Steph said...

Hi Sara,
thanks for your follow as well :)
Great job on the feature artist, I'm off to find that shop

Steph said...

sorry and your shop too! lol. silly me

Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

That's so great! Those purses certainly look a lot more exciting than the old Coach and I'm sure Morelle will appreciate the sale a lot more!

Tamara Garvey said...

i remember reading about the seller and i too hearted her. i love that ruffled leather edge! so cool. bet they'll be soooo nice and soft in person too!