Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally Getting My Studio Set Up!!

So for the past couple of months (specifically since I opened my store and have been painting more often on the living room floor on garbage bags) I have said that we need to get rid of our guest bedroom. My mother stays in it once a year and while I love my mother, I need an art studio more than she needs a bed in my two bedroom apartment (I really need a house--I'm going crazy. Mostly because the apartment is a DISASTER area right now, but we're deep cleaning tonight. Yay for Friday Night Cleaning!). So today we're giving our nice beautiful extra bed frame to Jeremy's sister. They're picking it up this afternoon while I'm at work. They're picking Jeremy up from work so they can get in to get it. It's kind of good that they're picking it up while I'm not there because I really liked that bed and I'm sad to see it go. But it's just not practical at the moment to have it. And we have a much better bed now for ourselves. And I love redecorating so this will give me the chance to buy a cute guest bed from Ikea or somewhere when it's time to have a guest room again. But, moving on.

I get to set up my studio in there this weekend!! We already have some Ikea desks collapsed in one of our closets so we'll just pull one of those back out for me. I will be painting a lot more when I actually have a place to paint where I don't have to re-clean the entire room when I'm done because it's the living room! So excited about that! So tomorrow, before going to our California party (Yes, Ann, I will feel better because I will not miss it!) to celebrate our family's love of all things California (specifically Laguna Beach, Knott's Berry Farm chicken, and Disneyland) we're going to the Apple Store because I bought Jeremy a new iPod touch last week and then it promptly became "unresponsive"--luckily it was after it was registered and warrantied so they'll just swap it for us. And THEN, we're going to Ikea to get me a good "art" chair and some cabinetry for my art supplies because I want my closet back. Very excited about this! Kind of wondering how we'll get cabinetry into our new Mini, though. It's pretty small. Roomy, but small.

I have so many ideas for things but haven't had the motivation to pull everything out, paint on the floor, and put everything away again. I need a more permanent place. This will be a good weekend.

Now, here's my ACEO of the Day! Remember, all proceeds go to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation! The background is shiny gold--doesn't translate well in photos.

ACEO of the Day - Golden Tree - Click Here to Purchase

Oh! And I signed up to be a verified artisan at ArtFire. Haven't uploaded anything, but I have the coolest URL ever - How perfect is that? Will be uploading things soon. Despite ArtFire having less hits than Etsy, it's still really cheap with that "$7 for life" deal and according to Google Analytics for my grandfather's artfire shop (, it has a much lower bounce rate and longer browsing time than Etsy usually has. The smallness of ArtFire at this point is not too shabby.


Watercolorist said...

This is interesting news about Artfire. I was wondering whether it was worth paying the $7 per month.

Stacey said...

Congrats on setting up a studio space!! Please post pictures when it is done.

Janet P. said...

You've got a great shop, good luck on Artfire! I never heard of that site before...going to check it out. said...

Your artwork is truly gorgeous. I am glad you have the studio space to make more.

Megan Steer said...

Congratulations on your new studio- that's wonderful! Your work is beautiful.