Friday, January 9, 2009

My First Newsletter!

My first newsletter was sent out this morning! The lucky winner of the free monthly painting was Pauline. If you'd like to be entered into the drawing for next month, sign up right there on the top right of this page. :) I don't spam. I'll never send anything but the monthly newsletter. (Which also includes a monthly coupon!)

Here are the updates and things to look for that I included in the "Coming Soon" part of the Newsletter:

Coming Next Week:
- Look for my ACEO (Art Card Edition Original) of the Day! For 30 days starting next week I will list one new affordable ACEO on my Etsy shop,

- Look for more smaller sets of paintings at my shop, as well as some higher end, large scale works to follow

- I will feature a new Etsy artist on my blog ( every Thursday, starting next week. If you're looking for great gift ideas or just looking to find some fabulous handmade products you should definitely check it out!

Ideas In the Works:
- Weekly scavenger hunt for "free shipping" item in my store

- Charitable Series - Items from which all proceeds go to the Multiple Sclerosis foundation (if you have been to my grandfather's store at and read his profile, you'll understand why this is such an important cause to me) - I'll probably make the ACEO of the Day cards part of this charitable series

My Favorite Painting from My Grandpa's Shop Today:

Mountain Valley - Click Here to Purchase

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jolijoli said...

Such a beautiful painting by your grandfather! I see where you get your talent :) Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.