Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Shop Feature: Pink Baby Mouse

Today while browsing Etsy (because I am addicted) I ran across the best pillow I have ever seen:

Blue Cone Dog pillow from pinkbabymouse
Everybody has their problems; whether you bite your nails or compulsively lick your own fur, let's celebrate our imperfections! You are still adorable, just like this dachshund who has to sport a cone around her neck. Felt applique on heavy canvas with a removable 16 x 16" pillow form insert.

Being an avid dog lover (I want to be a dog walker and a painter--got the "painter" part down, just need to get the dog walking going) I instantly fell in love with the pillow. And then! There were more! In multiple colors! Pink and yellow and orange! Oh my! Adorable Dachshund Heaven!

There there's this great "Jewish Gentleman" pillow:

Jewish Gentleman pillow by pinkbabymouse
This wise old soul will add character and inspire conversation in your home. He is entirely hand-made out of felt applique on heavy duty cotton broadcloth removable cover and he measures 16x16". Hand wash in cold water and air dry only.

She has to have some of the most creative pillows I've come across on Etsy. And she made the front page with her Blue Cone Dog pillow today on Etsy! Congratulations Pink Baby Mouse!


aquariann said...

What unique and adorable pillows! Definitely a heart of mine now. Nice feature. :D

Laura said...

I have loved that pillow for a while now. I never saw the old guy I think I may like him better. Great post!

smilemonsters said...

That blue cone dog pillow is to funny. We have a doxie that's a pain in the rear but we love him to death. :) What a great feature.

Jo :)

Creative Coquette said...

That dog pillow is a great find!

o and BTW: I heart this one :)

Sara said...

Thanks, Creative! That's one of my favorites, too. :)