Monday, February 23, 2009

Because I Have Nothing Artsy to Say...

I'm posting my three month meal plan. My friend Amanda, who also has a blog but it's private so I'm not going to link to it, is a nutritionist and came up with a three month meal plan to avoid cooking the same things over and over again--which is one of my problems. Without a plan, Sara + Kitchen = Fail.

So I took her plan and modified it for myself and Jeremy. We're trying to lose weight so I removed any recipes that called for things like Cream of Chicken soup (I try to stay away from that kind of soup just in general because I just think that it sounds disgusting--I don't care that I've never tasted it, I NEVER will) and added lower fat recipes in their place, added some fish since we like fish, more lemon pastas (because YUM!), etc... I also added a meal for every night except for two "date nights," whereas Amanda had a meal for every other day and weekends.

She spent $300 getting all the ingredients for THREE MONTHS of food (minus the meats), but I'm guessing my list will run around $400-450 for the three months of ingredients since I added 10 meals throughout the month (depending on how stingy you are with name brands, of course. I, for one, am perfectly content with the $1.00 Hunt spaghetti sauce with a little Lawry's powdered spaghetti sauce mixed in). But $400-450 for three months of food (minus meat, which will probably be about $100/month, making three months of food a grand total of around $650, or around $220/month--if you're a vegetarian, even cheaper!) is a definite improvement for us--considering we probably spend $200 just eating out each month on top of the $300 or so in groceries. My, we are wasteful and gluttonous. Time to change that!!

Side note:

My completely out of control list of New Year's Resolutions
1. Keep the house clean--clean a little every night
2. Make dinner with Jeremy every night
3. Yoga with Jeremy every night
4. Wii Fit every morning
5. Devote 2 hours to ArtsAfire every night--strictly painting!
6. Lose weight. Lots of weight.
7. Control need for Anthropologie and Ann Taylor clothing and home goods

I have followed through on exactly NONE of them. This meal plan will help me get a handle on my life, though. If you would like the recipes, meal schedule, and shopping list, simply click on them below and it will take you to my Google document.

Sara's Shopping List

Sara's Recipes

Sara's Meal Schedule

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Laura said...

Great idea! I need to do that. As for my New Years resolutions I made none. I did set some goals for the new year but I know if I resolve to do them I never do. My goals where all fun. Learn to knit, learn to spin yarn, crochet a big huge blanket for my California king sized bead..... fun stuff as for the not fun stuff I know I need to do it so I just need to get it done.