Wednesday, February 11, 2009


**Repeat Post from Jeremy & Sara**

Today I was looking through my blog roll to see who had updated to give me something to do (my boss pulled me in today and apologized over and over for me having nothing to do right now and assured me he isn't going to lay me off because I will be busy soon with the whole book project and then told me I could lay down and take a nap if I needed to because I'm really sick this week, so this is all I have to do today at work) and I noticed "Interview with Brad Slade" and I did a double take because that's my last boss' name. Then I realized that the blog with the interview was a BYU professor who is also into photography (Brad is the BYU Magazine photographer and he has his own magazine, Seeing the Everyday, which is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who 1) likes photography, and 2) likes their family.) Anyway. The interview is on the Take Out Photo blog which is always a good read--today, though, I think it's a really good read. But, I'm biased.

This got me to thinking about my time working at PnG (Publications & Graphics) in the photo studio and how much fun it was. Brad took a series of my all-time favorite photos of me while I was there. They're gorgeous (and I mean that in a photography sense of the word, though I must admit that I think I look very good in them, too).

Everyone should really go and read the interview if only to see the photography--Brad is a master at what he does. His photography is absolutely beautiful. And I highly suggest subscribing to Seeing the Everyday. It's a quarterly magazine and it's absolutely advertisement free--it's amazing how moving a magazine can be when it's not interrupted with ads.

Moving on--I let Jeremy open his birthday present tonight even though his birthday isn't until the 21st. It's so he has something to occupy him while I go visit my parents and my dogs this weekend. And so that he doesn't waste his birthday putting together his computer instead of having fun with me. :) He was very excited. It's a new computer case to go with his recently purchased new computer. And it's huge. And it looks like a Transformer (at least I think it does).

Jeremy just suggested moving the office around. I asked him how he wanted to re-arrange it. He said he wanted to switch his desk with the bookcase.

So that the window on his new computer case would be the first thing you see when you walk in the door.

Hahaha! Oh, how I love him. He is so proud of his wiring capabilities.

I'm on vacation until the 18th. Be back then. Going home to visit my mom for her birthday.

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