Friday, February 6, 2009

Free Painting!!

To celebrate 50 blog followers, I'm giving away a free painting! Here's how to enter:

1. Visit my Etsy Shop, ArtsAfire
2. Tell me what you think I should make more of--should I do more trees? Should I do more abstract pieces?
3. Come back here and leave a comment with your answer and a valid e-mail address for me to contact you at--if you don't want to leave your e-mail address here, just send me a little e-mail at and tell me which comment was yours
4. IMPORTANT: You have to leave a comment here even if you e-mail me to be entered to win the free painting.

For More Chances to Win:
1. Visit my Grandfather's Etsy Shop, ArtByJay and tell me your favorite painting
2. Sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter (which will give you a second entry in this drawing, but will also enter you for the bi-monthly free paintings for newsletter subscribers)--leave a comment if you signed up so that I don't get you mixed up with random people signing up
3. Blog or Twitter (with @ArtsAfire in your twitter) about this and leave me your link in a comment

Whoever wins will have a say in what kind of painting they would like. I will paint it for them. If you would like a tree painting but you'd like a blue sky or a sunset, I'll do that for you. If you would like a miniature version of my action painting, let me know your preferred colors and I'll do that. If you would like a textured painting, I can do that for you, too. And so on.

Contest will be open until 5 p.m. MT (4:00 PST) on Monday, February 9th.


Katie Nielsen said...

Sara...thanks for the comment! I LOVE blog stalkers and welcome them to my blog with open arms. I was reading through your blog and looking at your work - you have an amazing talent!
p.s. I sooo want to win that painting.

Katie Nielsen said...

Oh, I suppose I should leave my suggestions : ) I adore your trees. So how about some more foliage? Leaves, flowers, plants, etc. And birds...I have this current art obsession with birds - much like your Song Bird piece. I would love a 3-piece canvas set that had one picture (e.g. a leafy branch) extended across all three pieces (hopefully that makes sense!.

Mike W. Miller said...

Hi there, I just signed up for your newsletter ( and would like to be entered into your contest drawing.

Will be checking out your Etsy stuff soon!

Sara said...

Thanks, Mike!

Laura said...

I like your work a lot. Congrats on the 51 followers. :) I love your trees and I think more ATC's always draw in more people Good luck on your giveaway!

Joni said...

I love your trees, trees are so common people dont even notice them, especially in winter. You make the common extrodinary! Just my 2 cents :)

Joni said...

oops! i meant darn G keeps sticking

Sara said...

Thanks, Joni! I really appreciate that. :)

marykatejohsnon said...

I think my favorite is your Color Theory piece. I love color!! Your Berry and Winter Blossom trees are excellent as well. I love how they fill the entire frame of the painting, and divide the space. Beautiful!! Hummm.... suggestions.. maybe try to combine you color theory piece and your trees. Maybe make the trees in unexpected colors, or place them in front of a brighter background. That's all I got. Love your stuff! I hope I win!! :)

marykatejohsnon said...

Oh yeah, my email address is:


Sara said...

That's a great idea, Mary! Thanks!!

marykatejohsnon said...

My favorite painting of your grandfather's would have to be Country Road 18x24 original watercolor. That's my favorite because I want to live there someday!!

mary :)

marykatejohsnon said...

Oh yeah.... and I signed up for your newsletter toooo!

Lauren said...

I like your tree paintings, especially the Berry Tree Print. I think you should do more still life and nature prints. You are very talented!

Lighthouse original watercolor is my favorite painting from your Grandfather's page. Amazing work!

I did twitter here.

And I did blog.

And I will sign up for your newsletter! Congrats on reaching 50 followers!

My email address is:

Rowena said...

I like the abstracts and the trees both. I almost wonder if you could combine the two. Something that looks sort of abstract but resembles the tree.

I know what I would pick if I were to win.

Art of Jana said...

My 2 cents: I love the texture of the bubbles, the balance of the thistles, and the color of the color theory series. I feel a little like Rowena - what about a sprinkling in a dash of them all :)?

I've just started taking my art seriously - in my neck of the woods (rural) people have purchased more original ACEOs than anything! Probably because of their affordability.

Grandfather's white lighthouse is my favorite. It's soothing to my soul! Can almost feel the wind from the water.

I'm doing a give away also... Hope you come visit mine and enter for my drawing.

Carolyn G said...

I love your abstaract paintings but there is something so cool about the trees. I also adore the drangonflys.

Josh & Teddie said...

I love the branch pictures, but also really liked the dragonfly scratch paintings. Those were really fun! I found you through Rhondas blog! my address is

RM Clyde said...

I think you should paint more trees! I actually really love the berry tree one on this post. You are so talented Sara!

RM Clyde said...

My favorite painting of your grandfather's is the Horses painting.

Still, if I win I'd want some kind of tree...with the color red on it :) I love red.

LillyShayStyle said...

I love the Berry Tree Painting!
You can reach me at

Jen said...

I'm a nature girl, so of course I would say more trees. You have an amazing talent. Thanks for the chance!
-10oneworld on Etsy

Jen said...

I love your grandfathers horses watercolor. We live in Arizona and love the horses here!!! He is very talented...I can see where you got your talent!