Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Marimekko Desktop Wallpapers

Click here to get some great Marimekko desktop wallpapers.

I'm thinking I'll redesign this blog around one of them. Particularly the orange slices, which is my current desktop background.

And now, because I've been tagged several times and have done nothing about it, here are my 25 things about myself so you can get to know the Sara behind the artist.

1. I was born in Texas, lived in Utah for half of my life, and Minnesota the other half. So I consider myself a Texan--that way if we move there (which is where we'd like to end up) I already have an "in."

2. I only have maybe 3 teeth that haven't been worked on or aren't a crown or cap. But I brush and floss and use mouth wash. I hate my mouth. As I type this I'm drooling from this morning's Novocaine which didn't feel like kicking in during the appointment but now, after it's all over, it just won't quit.

3. I have a new art business that I'm starting up. Going well so far. :)

4. My mother is my best friend because really, there's no one cooler. But my husband is pretty cool, too. So actually, it's a tie there. I have two best friends.

5. I eat my M&M's in complimentary colors (blue & orange, red & green). It's always made me angry that there is no purple to go with the yellow so I have to eat the brown with the yellow. Sometimes I just skip that color combination.

6. The Metropolitan Museum has read my blog and linked to it for the entire world to see. That was a good day.

7. New York City is my very favorite place in the entire world.

8. My husband and I have watched the entire series of The Office at least 10 times.

9. I sometimes dream of working for a big museum, like the Met, the Louvre, or the MoMA, in art restoration.

10. I'm going to get my master's degree in either art history and curatorial studies or painting when we figure out where we'll be when Jeremy graduates next year. Or maybe art restoration if we're in one of the two places that really offer it.

11. I hate snow so much that I skipped most of my winter classes at BYU pretty much every year. And then just studied really hard. And I did well.

12. I love being a marketing manager but the first chance I get to quit and stay at home and paint--I'm outta here.

13. My husband and I have been in the same place at the same time several times in our life. But we met on the internet.

14. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland is my favorite ride of all time.

15. I always have plans for my evenings but I end up being super lazy and watching reality TV, like American Idol and Rock of Love.

16. Diane Keaton makes me want to claw my eyes out and shove red hot pokers in my ears so I don't have to see or hear her.

17. Half of the time, I'm thinking of absolutely nothing.

18. I own 6 iPods, but I'm giving one to my mother, so then I'll own five.

19. Last night I won the "grocery bill estimate" game against Jeremy. $75.

20. Being short increases my dislike for wet weather. It gets all my jeans wet because they drag on the ground.

21. I'm getting tired of my hair. Again. I'll never be able to grow it out.

22. I blog daily.

23. I kind of panic whenever someone I don't know very well talks to me--especially at church.

24. Eeyore makes me really happy.

25. I Twitter. It's very fun.

Later Today (probably tonight): ACEO of the Day


Lauren said...

Wow very fascinating facts! I enjoyed reading them. I love the desktop wallpapers too. Very vibrant and colorful. I read your "About Me" info in the sidebar and would love to help you out in any way.

Have a wonderful day!

Laura said...

Great list!! Novocaine never works until to late for me. And I eat my M&M's in the same order every time. All the Brown, all the Orange, all the Yellow, all the Red , all the blue then all the Green. Nice to know I am not the only anal M&M eater. ;)

Helen said...

Nice blog! I love your art:-)

I have that same prob with my teeth. I think genetics let me down. But my kids were lucky and got strong teeth from their dad.