Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Shop Feature: CoutureToAdore

I've chosen CoutureToAdore as my Thursday Shop Feature because my husband got my Valentine's gift from there!! And I'm wearing it today and it's absolutely gorgeous!!

Tanzanite Dreaming - Couture Heart Necklace

I chose that necklace to put on my Etsy Valentine's wish list because I absolutely love Tanzanite. My mother gave me a Tanzanite ring for my "something blue" for my wedding, so the stone also has sentimental value for me.

I had no idea that CoutureToAdore was a new Etsy shop when I added them to my wishlist, but they're brand spanking new on Etsy! They joined on January 14, 2009 and have had 3 sales so far--all gorgeous jewelry!--with my necklace being the first sale! They do have a sister shop AmberLightz where you can see feedback and more of their creations.

The Emperor's Dragon - Couture Silk Necklace

I had sent my Etsy Wish List (which has changed since writing that post because I've added more favorites) to my husband for Valentine's Day ideas. Unfortunately, he decided to buy my present on MY account, thereby locking me out of my Etsy account and my e-mail so that I wouldn't see any conversations or e-mails from CoutureToAdore. Needless to say, his surprise failed because I still saw a CoutureToAdore conversation in my inbox and knew what he had gotten me, but seeing my necklace in person was a totally different experience to seeing it online! It was still a total surprise. It's made so well (it's heavy!) and it's even prettier in person than it is in photos.

The Silver Lining - Couture Earrings

So I definitely recommend checking out CoutureToAdore--You will not regret it! The craftsmanship is wonderful and the jewelry makes you feel really pretty when you put it on!

On Swallow Wings - Velvet Couture Necklace

On an unrelated (but somewhat related) note, I was interviewed and featured on This and That on Monday! I forgot about it because I was out of town and my shop was closed down, but the interview is up over there.

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