Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ACEOs on ArtByJay!!

I've started listings ACEO prints of my grandfather's watercolors on his Etsy shop! All are available for $7 and ship worldwide!

More and more will be coming over the next week until I get all of his current paintings up. And later this week, a new original will be posted!! It's a gorgeous castle painting so keep your eyes out for that.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to everyone! I'm part Irish and completely forgot about it. I did wear green to my dentist appointment early this morning to get my permanent crown put on (before I'd even brushed my hair or put on an ounce of makeup), but came home and when I changed for work the thought of green didn't even cross my mind! Luckily no one here seems to remember either, so I'm not being pinched. (I always hated elementary school on St. Patrick's Day because I always forgot to wear green and got pinched a lot. I don't know why the schools decided to condone violence on that day.)

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Kimberly said...

These are really beautiful!