Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Goals Recap: Definitely a Fail

Remember my mid-month recap? How dismal was that? Well, let's see what I actually got accomplished.

1. Stock Artfire shop with at least 15 items - Still completely empty.
2. 50 items in Etsy shop by end of March - 50 items in ArtByJay, 23 in ArtsAfire. Hey, at least it's progress.
3. Make business cards - They're still designed just not printed.
4. Give The Sampler a try--if only to receive my own free Sampler. :) - Pfft. Yeah right.
5. Spend at least 1 hour painting each night (minus weekends) - I'm making a calendar for this so I can keep track - Woohoo!
6. Sell 10 paintings this month (not including the Mini Painting Greetings that I have planned for this week) - That would be a big no.
7. Finish 3 large paintings/painting sets - Got this one and this one done! So, I'm just going to cross this off to make me feel better because I was almost there.
8. Finish 5 small paintings/painting sets - Got two done, with one more to finish tonight. So...halfway! Hence the half strikethrough.
9. Try new things--like suggestions from comments on this post - Have yet to try new things. I have made a tree set, though, which will be finished tonight. It's not NEW for me because I've already sold my last tree set, but hey, at least I re-did something a customer asked for! So we'll cross it off.
10. Make a new painting for my empty living room wall. - Yes!!

Personal Goals:
1. Yoga - I apparently have a cyst on my wrist--makes downward dog impossible. So this can no longer be a goal for right now. I can only do it occasionally when my wrist will actually support my weight. :( But!! I have been doing Wii Fit and working out.
2. Keep the house clean
3. Stick to the meal plan
4. Watch less TV

So, analysis: I rock at personal goals, but I suck at business goals.


Rowena said...

What a good idea. I have long term goals, which seem to fill out the rest of the year, but I should break them down into monthly goals, and then I can break those down into weekly goals, and then daily and then what to do during the day and then what I should be doing right now instead of reading blogs. ;)

neilwaukee said...

this is a brillant post, bravo, here here, i'm standing and clapping.

Kimberly said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Life is hard enough....don't set unrealistic goals....baby steps. I too love crossing things off my lists but lists can also be your undoing. Take it easy, give yourself big hugs for all the stuff you did cross off. Kimberly