Monday, March 2, 2009

Goals for March

Because I seem to do better when I'm publicly accountable for things and because I work well from lists, I figured I'd post my list of March goals for ArtsAfire:

1. Stock Artfire shop with at least 15 items
2. 50 items in Etsy shop by end of March
3. Make business cards
4. Give The Sampler a try--if only to receive my own free Sampler. :)
5. Spend at least 1 hour painting each night (minus weekends) - I'm making a calendar for this so I can keep track
6. Sell 10 paintings this month (not including the Mini Painting Greetings that I have planned for this week)
7. Finish 3 large paintings/painting sets
8. Finish 5 small paintings/painting sets
9. Try new things--like suggestions from comments on this post
10. Make a new painting for my empty living room wall.

Personal Goals:
1. Yoga
2. Keep the house clean
3. Stick to the meal plan
4. Watch less TV


Laura said...

Good Luck. I went and looked at the post you where referring to and noticed I gave you congrats for 51 followers. Well congrats on 61 followers now! :)

glentwistle said...

Can I borrow about 2/3 of your list. I seem to keep jumping the track.

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Good Luck with it all, your right... fail to plan and you plan to fail, your certainly on the right track...wish I could stick to my planning :) Sarah

Katie Nielsen said...

Maybe I need to switch to Aveda! I think M.A.C. is conspiring : ) I hope you don't mind, but I added you to my blog roll cause I just love your work!

Tamara G said...

This is just like my to-do list! Spend more time making art and really buckle down on my shop. Also It's getting warmer here already and I REALLY want to get back in shape like when I was younger. In fact right this second I am waiting for my jogging buddy to arrive so we can go embarrass ourselves in the park.

Have a great Sunday!