Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

Every year when it comes close to renew our lease here at our current apartment we either have to move or remodel a room so we don't get bored. We can usually remodel a room for about $300-$400 depending upon the room. Versus paying an extra $500-600 per month for an apartment since we locked in our apartment rate long before apartments doubled in price around here. Remodeling a room is the financially responsible decision.

Lately, I've been hating on my kitchen. It's cramped and the fact that we've had to bring in an extra kitchen cart/island AND a bookshelf for our microwave and pots and pans in order to have room to store our food in the cupboards (I know, we ask so much) has made it even more cramped. And our dishwasher? Goes by the name of Jeremy. While we can't do anything about the lack of a dishwasher (that is mechanical and not human, anyway), we can throw out everything and start over!

So, we're giving away our kitchen furniture. Even our kitchen table! In almost three years we've probably eaten on it 5 times. We never eat at the table. I don't like my kitchen enough to eat in it. I like what we've done with the kitchen, but I don't like the kitchen as a whole because it's practically useless. And I do like the furniture we have, I just need a change and I need a brighter kitchen than we currently have.

It's all from Shopko and we probably spent no more than $350 on all of it (the cart was priced incorrectly and Shopko said, "If you don't tell anyone, we won't, and you can have it for this price."). So I don't feel bad about getting rid of it. Last night we went through our kitchen and threw out anything that was excess and non-essential. The cheap cookie sheets, the cheap cooking utensils, the excess frying pans that are not part of the nice set we got for our wedding. We paired down our food that we haven't gone through in over a year and was now woefully stale and beyond eatability. We got all of our pots, pans, and food into the built in cupboards. Our dishes will go on our new shelves from Ikea!

Ta-da! We can't put shelves on the walls because our apartments are structurally stupid (and the walls are made of cinderblocks, even behind the walls that aren't simply painted cinderblocks and are actually "finished") but I really wanted some shelving that I could showcase my pretty Anthropologie dishes and other nice Crate & Barrel cookware (yay for wedding presents!) on.

So we're buying two of those new shelves from Ikea. Probably in the honey color...having a hard time deciding between the honey and the white. (I'm thinking the white might be TOO white in our all white kitchen and I imagine honey every time I envision our kitchen. Thoughts?)

We'll stand one up on it's end (as shown in the photo above) on the wall that currently has the kitchen cart/island. That will hold our pretty Kitchen Aid, the decorative mixing bowls that I received as a wedding shower present from my late Aunt Lisa, and some other nice-looking appliances. The other will be laid on it's side (it was on it's side in the Ikea showroom) against the wall that currently has the kitchen table and the bookcase. The microwave (a new stainless steel one--I hate our current cheap white one that I can't get clean no matter how hard I scrub) and our convection oven will be on top of that one. Our dishes and bowls and our very pretty glasses will be on these shelves, too.

Above that I am going to invest in some of my favorite Etsy kitchen-related art prints and have a happy print wall that will definitely liven up the kitchen.

Sellers: Farouche, Sugarloop, Dazeychic, Artistscs28

I think I'll love my kitchen once this is over.

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Katie Nielsen said...

How exciting! I love your style. Oh I heart Twitter! I'm glamkate on there as well : )