Monday, March 2, 2009

Music Monday: Mexico

The alliteration of the title of this entry is just a happy, happy coincidence.

I stole this "Music Monday" idea from Smilemonsters. Post a song, video, lyrics to a song, whatever you want and tell us why that song means something to you! Simple, right?

I chose Mexico by Jump Little Children. The song doesn't necessarily mean anything to me, but it does make me very happy every time I hear it. I am a huge Jump Little Children fan (despite the fact they are no longer together--Jay Clifford, the lead singer, is off on his own now and as good as ever, though!) and this is one of my favorite songs by them (Cathedrals comes in second).

This YouTube video is not actually a music video because to my knowledge Jump Little Children never made a music video, but here's the song for your listening pleasure!

What's your Music Monday selection?


Laura said...

I love music Monday. What a good idea. I think it is better then wordless Wednesday. That was a great song I had never herd it.

smilemonsters said...

I liked that. Never heard of Jump Little Children but now I have. thanks. :)