Monday, March 30, 2009

New Canvas Sets on ArtsAfire!!

I've added a new set of canvases to ArtsAfire!

It's two 30 x 40 x 1 3/8" canvases (that's 30" x 80" when hung on the wall!). It's one of my very favorites and I decided I should make a set to sell instead of keeping it all to myself! So, one for you, one for me. :)

Here's what the set in my living room looks like so you can get an idea of how large this set really is:

Wanna buy it? Just click here!

There are also a couple of other paintings available now. This is one of the other sets I finished this weekend:

If you want to buy it, just click here!

1 comment:

kim* said...

wow it frightens me to do a huge canvas, i have to stick to mini canvases :)
Great work!