Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Only Problem with College...

is the apartment living. We have a nice apartment, but it's not overly large and so when it gets dirty it looks awful! When I went home to make lunch today I walked in and suddenly realized just how dirty it was as a result of us being sick for the entire month of February and then me blissfully ignoring it for the last week since I've stopped being sick.

I stood in the doorway and said, "Oh, holy hell. Why is there an oatmeal box in the middle of the living room?!"

Answer: Because we just cleaned out and re-organized our kitchen in preparation for our kitchen remodel (yay!).

But still. We left the oatmeal box in the middle of the living room!

So tonight my agenda consists of picking up, dusting (oh my, the dust!), vacuuming, and mopping. The kitchen and the living room.

Tomorrow night I will tackle the bathroom and the bedrooms.

How can I expect to have my life feel organized? How can I expect to feel capable of anything (weight loss, painting, existing) when my apartment has an oatmeal box in the middle of the living room floor?

On the bright side, I get to use my Swiffer products. The Swiffer wet jet cleaning solution always leaves the apartment smelling great.

Update: CLEAN!! :)


Rowena said...

the key to apartment living is to have a place for everything and everything in its place... even if that means purging almost everything but what you love most of all.

Or sticking a lot of things under the bed. :)

Laura said...

I love the smell of swiffer too! I am out and need to get some because my dogs keep the floors looking bad. My dogs would also pull an oatmeal box from the trash and leave it in the living room. Maybe you should leave the mess and get a dog to blame it on. lol :)

Sara said...


We've done that! It's just that we were so sick all month that nothing got put back into proper places. We'd just set things down wherever was closest. :)

So all the proper places are empty and everything is in the middle of the rooms! I feel like a bad person.

And Laura,

I'd totally do that if my apartment allowed dogs. :( A good reason for us to consider moving this summer.

tina said...

That's your only problem with college? You're lucky. =) Yes, clean! I looked at your studio at & you need to keep painting!! =)

Sara said...


That's actually my grandfather at I haven't put anything into my Artfire shop yet. All my stuff is still at Etsy.

But you came to the right place--I manage it all for him. :) I'll let him know! He has MS, though, so he can only paint when he's feeling well.

Tamara G said...

Oh my god, I have cleaning shame. My manfriend is waaay better than I am at keeping the house clean. I wish I liked to clean, but man, it is SO BORING and there are always a million things I want to do instead. Or I am just lazy. :)