Monday, March 16, 2009

Studio Remodel

You know my kitchen remodel from my last entry? Well, I also need to do an art studio remodel of sorts. We just finished getting everything I needed for my art studio and it's basically all set up, but it's incredibly crowded and driving me batty.

My art studio is also my husband's office and is also our game room. It's a very used space. But I know there's a way to both de-clutter and liven it up. What follows are pictures that I am going to take my inspiration from:

Modish did a profile of Rachel's (from Red Velvet Art) space and I absolutely adore her clipboard wall. I would love to have one of those above my art desk for inspiration. And it's easy to change out while still keeping my inspiration organized! And, it doubles as wall decoration. Perfect.

This is Geninne's space. I love the prints above her desk, and I love her desk. Which was the desk I was going to buy from Ikea and then figured I didn't need it. I'm re-figuring that at the moment, though...I also love the large cups/mini buckets filled with her art utensils. That would be very handy and I have yet to find something that would work well in this function. Still looking.

Creature Comforts offers a great Quote of the Week each week that she makes available for download for either desktop wallpaper or printing. Some of these would be great to hang above my desk as motivators and reminders of what I really want to be and want to accomplish.

To find all of these quotes, go to Creature Comforts and click on "inspirational" under her Categories on the right-hand side of her blog. It will pull up all of these quotes (as well as some other great blog entries that fall under that tag).

Basically, I'm going for a brighter, less cluttered space that will make me happy to be in there. To do that, I'm going to need to re-layout the entire room. That is on the agenda tonight. If I can get the house clean and still have time to do that. Otherwise it's on the agenda for tomorrow night. But it's definitely on the agenda. I really need to get to work and I really need to like my space (tidy space = tidy mind) in order to be very productive. Time to get to work!


Laura said...

I love the clipboard wall best. I would paint all of the clipboards bright happy colors.

Re: Needle Felting
Needle felting is done with a barbed needle the barbs point down so when you poke the wool the barbs catch it and force it in then when you pull the needle out it leaves the wool where it poked it. It is so much fun. You can get kits on etsy for good prices you should try it once.

Wow that was one big huge run on sentence and I am not fixing it. lol :)

Sara said...

I think I will buy a kit and try it out! I'd really like to learn how to do it. :)

And I love your idea of painting the clipboards!

Cathy Nichols Art said...

This is a beautiful and inspiring space. Makes me want to redecorate!

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

the clipboard wall is such a fantastic idea! love it!
great post!

Mrs. H. said...

Amy has the same supports on her Ikea art desk. It's cute.