Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Shop Feature: art esprit

I ran across art esprit while I was looking for a variety of Etsy prints recently to create a print wall much like Stelabird's print wall her in craft room. I've wanted to do this in my art studio since we got it all set up--a little inspiration outside of my own artwork to keep me motivated and happy.

I immediately fell in love with art esprit's use of a vintage German song book as paper for her ink drawings!

How gorgeous is this? "Hans - an original ink sketch" Click here to purchase

Her Etsy profile talks a little about her art and how she came to be an artist:
I am a full time artist living and working in New Hampshire since 1988. I have been influenced and inspired by my travels around the USA and Europe, the people I teach in my studio and my two wonderful children. I always wanted to work as an artist, long before going to art school, I guess it was fourth grade when I decided to do just that. The past few years I have been happily working along side my husband, Rainer, who makes each day just a little more wonderful than the one before.

This is my personal favorite:

original art "Odd man Out" - Click Here to Purchase

If you like birds she has quite a large selection of bird prints, sketches, and drawings:

"Hans and Delilah original drawing" - Click Here to Purchase

Her drawings and prints have a great organic feeling to them--as if the drawings just rose out of the paper on their own and were meant to be there all along. She has definitely been added to my "print wall" artists! Hopefully I'll have all my prints selected and I can purchase them soon!

On an unrelated note:

I've started adding ACEOs to ArtByJay! Own a miniature painting print for only $7.00!

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