Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Shop Feature: Studio Mela (DazeyChic)

One of the first shops I ever came across on Etsy was Studio Mela and I immediately fell in love with her bird and french fry print. Isn't it adorable and wouldn't it liven up a bathroom? It livens up mine. Every morning it's become like a mantra for me. "Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry!" And I imagine that finding a french fry brings birds a lot of happiness. This is based on my personal preference for french fries (which is obvious by the size of my hips).

She has so many adorable prints for sale! This collage of her prints shows a sampling of what she has to offer:

If you can't decide on a couple of prints to buy you can buy this collage and get 16 of her adorable creations in one!! I'm thinking of scrapping my kitchen themed prints for my new kitchen (Start this weekend! Yay!) and just getting this and making it the center of an eclectic print wall. Thoughts?

One last print before I move onto her other offerings:

This would also make a wonderful first-sight-in-the-morning pick me up!

But she also sells an adorable recipe card set that, though I don't bake unless it comes from a Betty Crocker box, I'm tempted to buy just so I can have something cute to write the recipes (that I will never make) on!

And buttons! And yes, reading is cool. Well said!

What I like about Studio Mela is that these prints are so versatile! I can see them in my kitchen right now, but I can also see using them in a nursery or in my child's room later in life.

I could easily go broke in Studio Mela's Etsy shop.

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UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

thanks for sharing! she does fantastic work! i just hearted her shop! :)