Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Cure: Home and Kitchen 2009

No, this is not a post about the band.

I'm currently participating in Apartment Therapy's Spring Home Cure and The Kitchn's 2009 Kitchen Cure. If you've been following my blog you know that I have a huge obsession with re-decorating and organization, so I "cure" my apartment on quite a frequent basis. Lately, however, it's been getting out of control. So I figured I'd sign up for some motivation!

The Home Cure is about halfway finished, but you can still sign up and read the back posts and do it on your own timeline. The Kitchen Cure starts on Monday. This is the one that I'm the most excited about. I just remodeled my kitchen (I swear I'll post pictures of the finished remodel this weekend), but I still need help in the cooking and keeping it clean area. So I'm excited to get started! If you'd like to join me in the Kitchen Cure, just click on one of the links in this post and you can sign up, too! Same with the Home Cure.

Let's all make our kitchens a bigger part of our lives--we'll be healthier. My husband and I have been following a meal plan (click here for details) that has greatly reduced our eating out (and therefore we have increased money each month!), improved our health, and actually tastes better than going out to most places. We've decided that we're going to even start making our own fancy foods (read: scallops)--it will give us something to learn together and work on together each night.

This past year has been a busy one. I've graduated from college, started working as a marketing and client relations manager, opened my Etsy shop and my Grandfather's Etsy shop, and my husband has been swamped with the advanced classes in Bioinformatics. We haven't had as much time to spend together and doing this Kitchen Cure (and the Home Cure--which has already had us working together on some things) will hopefully give us more time to spend with each other. If we decide to take on dinners that require both of us for prep and clean up that will automatically create more time together. And since I kind of like him, I think that's a good thing.

Also, I'm trying to lose weight (my husband has been super supportive the past week as I stepped up my exercise routine) and this will keep us from eating out. :)

Out of this Kitchen Cure I'm hoping to gain a better understanding of food and how to cook it, a greater organizational system (well, really to just keep up the new one we now have with our remodel--pictures this weekend, promise), a better cleaning system (I'm really bad at cleaning the kitchen nightly. We don't have a dishwasher.), and more time with my absolutely wonderful husband.


Katie said...
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Katie Nielsen said...

Whoops...that first comment was mine! What I said was I LOVE the train on your's gorgeous!

Sara said...

Thanks! That was my favorite part of the dress, too. :)

thecraftbegins said...

Wow sounds like you've had a busy year! I think it's really nice that your hubby helps you out with the cooking - good for him!

Judy said...

A beautiful photo with a beautiful couple.

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

I like how you've set goals (previous posts) and follow your own progress on them.

Beautiful wedding photo!

Thanks for visiting my blog:)

glentwistle said...

Be careful cooking is so creative in it's self that you may find a new addiction. Have fun.

Creative Coquette said...

Great wedding photo!!!

That sounds like an great way to make time with each other and get things under control with the homestead. I heart twofers :P