Monday, April 6, 2009

Featured Interview, a Treasury, an Ikea Adventure!

I'm the featured seller today at Such Cool Stuff! I did a full-blown interview for the feature so please go and check out! I talk about how I got started, my favorite thing to do when I have a day to myself, what I wanted to be when I was younger (semi-spoiler: beef jerky taster), and other stuff! It was really fun to do, so many thanks to Fresh Peaches over at Such Cool Stuff!

My Ocean Tide painting set is also included in another treasury today! This one seems to be a hit so far. Two treasuries in the few days that it's been available. Now if it would sell. :)

Please click here to go and see it. Commenting on it and clicking through the images will help it make it to the front page so if you have time to do that, you'd be my hero!

Moving on. Last weekend my husband and I made a trip to Ikea to buy the shelves we were using in our kitchen remodel (pictures will be up soon--just have to finish the last painting). It was an adventure. We recently started leasing a Mini Cooper S after our beloved Cobra Mustang convertible was totaled. If you've ever ridden in one, you know they're relatively short. Actually, if you've ever seen one you know they're relatively short. So getting the shelves home was definitely going to be a tight squeeze. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

As we left I said to Jeremy, "We should probably get some gas. We've only got 18 miles left on the tank and it's 28 to Ikea."

Jeremy said, "Once we get on the freeway it'll shoot up."

30 nerve-wracking minutes later we're within sight of Ikea, but we still have about 3 miles left because we're on the side of a mountain overlooking the valley (which is the only reason Ikea is in sight). Our gas tank says we have one mile left.

Cue me saying, "If we run out of gas, I am SO not walking with you to the gas station. You're on your own, buddy. I warned you when we left."

Luckily we could coast all the way down to Ikea where the gas station that Jeremy wanted to get gas was ($0.08 cheaper--so not worth the stress in my opinion). So we got there safely without having to hoof it at all.

Once in there we get to the shelves, write down where they're located, pick up a few other things (baskets for the shelves, one of those 3' shoe horns for my grandfather--his delight once he received it is a whole other story which will be told later, etc...). On our list was also some white plates. When we reached the area with the white plates Jeremy was ecstatic about some pasta bowls. I told him under no circumstances was I buying those for him because we used to have those and he made us throw them out to buy some "real bowls" (which is why we have cute Anthropologie bowls mixed with our dark blue Target dishware and which is why we were buying plain white dishes to go with our cute Anthropologie bowls).

Jeremy's stupid "shallow bowls"

Our current cute Anthropologie bowls

He didn't remember the "useless shallow bowls" (as he used to call them) and that began a 20 minute "I can't believe you don't remember the 'shallow bowls' Jeremy! You hated the 'shallow bowls!'"/"Were you dreaming, Sara?" bickering session. For over a year I listened to "I hate these bowls--they're too shallow to hold anything" and so I threw them out for him and have had mismatched dishes ever since--that is how much I love him. And now he wants them back! Uh-huh! He was laughing at me the whole time because I was so frustrated and he was sure that I had dreamed about the shallow bowls (Then why do we have bowls that don't match our dishes, honey? Hmm? Not dreaming!) and I was getting frustrated because he couldn't remember what seemed to be the bane of his existence for our whole first year of marriage.

In the end, we left without any dishes because we decided they weren't necessary.

Then Jeremy was leaning on the "cart" and I turned around and slammed right into it with my right shin and let out a few (several) choice expletives (it didn't budge because Jeremy was leaning on it so the blow was that much harder). One week later the bruise is almost worse and it still burns like hell-fire to touch it. (Then my right hand got slammed in the car door and then I dropped a chair on my right foot--my whole right side is one big hell-fire bruise. Oddly they don't feel like bruises at all; they feel like I'm putting a match out on myself every time one of them gets bumped.)

Then we get to the checkout and we look at each other and think, " our Mini even this long?" So Jeremy goes out and measures it. It'll be barely long enough if I sit behind him so they can go into the front seat and we stack them all on top of each other. So that's what we do. And the Mini becomes the Mighty Mini with 1,000 blind spots.

Once we made it home I was so exhausted I crashed on the couch and slept right through Jeremy's drill putting together the shelves. Now our kitchen is beautiful. Pictures will be posted later this week.


Pfeiffer Photos said...

The Mighty Mini, haha! I love minis; wish I had one for myself. :) Your Ikea story is funny but I can't relate because every time I go there with my hubby I just get happy. He's just glad they have plenty of places to sit down, and that he can buy meatballs to snack on if needed. Or not.

Hope your bruises heal quick so you can wear shorts when it gets sunny!

Carolyne said...

My husband says the same thing about bowls. I found the cutest tiny soup tureens with lion heads as the bowl handles, and he said they were stupid because you couldn't hold very much in them...and what's wrong with getting up for seconds?!

Your story is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

marysgranddaughter said...

Beautiful treasury!!

D. Lindsey said...

Congratulations on the interview and features Sara, and thanks for your sweet comment! (Your name makes me think of Bluto on Labyrinth) ^.^

Creative Coquette said...

OMG, that is so frustrating when they don't remember things like that. Just being at Ikea can test a relationship, of any kind, especially if you don't stick to a list, truly!

We have a Mini as well and have made many an Ikea run. Once a lady next to me was all in a sarcastic patronizing voice, "Oh! Look how cute! You came to Ikea in a Mini!" I wanted to bop her. I showed her when I pulled down the convertible and got heaps into the car and looked way cuter leaving than her ridiculous black Cadillac SUV. This was when we lived briefly in Los Angeles.