Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gorgeous Letterpress Temple Print

Being LDS (Mormon) and living in Utah I can go up to Salt Lake and see the Salt Lake City temple any time I want. It's where I was married (fantastic photo opportunities all over those grounds!).

On our wedding day

It is architecturally gorgeous inside and out. Built by hand years and year and years ago (how they moved those blocks of granite from the mountains to the valley without trucks and mechanical equipment is something I will never understand--I mean, I get the concept just like I understand how the pyramids were built, but man, the work!) it's amazing how perfect it is. Anyway. People who don't live in Utah can't witness the magnitude and beauty of this temple in person, so there are myriads of different prints available for purchase throughout the world. Most are photographic prints. Last night I found what I deem to be the coolest, most original, and most beautiful representation of the Salt Lake temple that I have ever seen.

Last night I found the blog for Australia's Inside Out magazine and two entries down there was an image of the Salt Lake City temple. I thought, "Hmm...weird. This is an Australian magazine...and it's an interior design magazine, not a religious one." They were showcasing Utah web designer and artist Cameron Moll. Who has created a gorgeous letterpress (yes, letterpress!) image of the Salt Lake City temple.

Wait until you see the closeups!

It's all letters!

You can bet I'm ordering one of these! We don't have any photos of the temple in our home (besides our wedding pictures, which currently aren't displayed) and I think this would be a very "Sara and Jeremy" temple print. We're all about the artsy. Plus, the talent and the time and the absolute originality of this astounds me! I would love to look at that every day.

You can buy a 16 x 24 reproduction of the original letterpress print at Cameron Moll's website. If you want to go directly to the order page, click here to go to his Big Cartel page. It's $75 for an unsigned print, $100 for a signed print. Hopefully he'll be offering 11 x 14 giclee prints soon. He got a request for them yesterday and I seconded that request on Twitter.

I think even if you aren't LDS this is still a gorgeous print of a piece of beautiful architecture and it would look great in any home.


Inside Out said...

Wow, I love this coincidence - how you find the letterpress prints on our blog & the fact you were married within sight of the cathedral. Sometimes things like this make the world feel delightfully small.

Creative Coquette said...

That is an amazing letterpress.

I was lucky to visit the grounds when I went to Park City to basically do one of those TV like interior design makeovers for my best friend's ski condo. I had one week to do everything and could only shop in Park City! Talk about a challenge!

We did go check out the temple grounds and I have some pretty great photos, somewhere. I'm not Mormon but one whole faction of my family is through my uncle's line.