Saturday, April 18, 2009

Business Cards: Which Would Catch Your Interest?

On a side note before I get into the bulk of my post: Tonight my freshman roommate Janel came into town (yay!) and so I hosted a dessert giveaway (Okay. Complete typo/slip of the mind. Giveaway=Party.) for our college 1911/202 group (the six boys who lived in apartment 1911 and the 6 girls who lived in 202). We're more than 12 now with marriages and all that, but half of us have moved away so tonight it was only 8 of us (1 was sick, 2 had to work, 2 had prior plans, 2 had finals, 3 live in another state, 1 is in another country). Despite the fact that some of us are spread out we're all still really close and I have to say that I have the best friends I could ever dream of having. It is always SO much fun when we get together. Now, on to other news.

I contacted the art festival and asked them about the booth shot since it would be my first show--they said I should just submit a description of my booth and how I plan to hang my paintings. Perfect! Thanks a million to @ArtbyChristi on Twitter for that tip--she had to do that when she entered her first show and she still got selected to be one of the exhibiting artists!

I've decided which four paintings I'm going to submit based upon your votes and the opinions of my friends and family. Though I am submitting one that got no votes because it's currently my favorite one, plus one that I did this weekend specifically for the art show application--it will be available on Monday. The three that I currently have good photos of and am submitting are:

And this is the one I've worked on this weekend that will be available on Monday:

Over ten layers of paint for crazy amounts of texture.

Now. I have a few business cards that I can't decide between. The designs have been sitting here for a couple of months and I'm out of my cheap little ones so I figured it was time to make some better one. Any favorites here?


Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I think that out of these I like the light blue w/drangonfly best, but the font is rather hard to read, so it might work better with the font in that chocolate color next to it. What I'd realy love to see is a business card w/one of your pretty branch & blossom pictures across the top or something! That would tell people right away how talented you are.

Judy said...

I too like the blue with the dragonfly the best, perhaps use the brown background instead with the blue.(they all are just wonderful)

Rachel said...

I would go with the dragonfly too! I love the brown and aqua options Sara. Very sophisticated! :)

Creative Coquette said...

I like the blue and chocolate versions. I prefer the reference to 'original paintings and drawings'. I think that 'art for your home' is a little too vague and may limit where people might think to use your pieces. Your work would be wonderful in commercial spaces as well!

Sara said...

I'm thinking of going with the "original paintings and drawings," too. :) Thanks for the advice!