Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm not sappy, but...

I've been finding all these amazing "married"/"love"/etc... things on Etsy lately and I want to snap them all up! The beauty is, it's not sappy married/love/etc... stuff. It's cute and quirky and original stuff. None of that "today is a dewdrop on the ocean of our love" sappy stuff (I just made that up, I haven't actually seen anything that says that, which is good because it really makes no sense).

Like this. I want this. Except I want it to say Jeremy and Sara, June 1, 2006. And I want to put it on a shelf in my living room. Because I think it's 1) cool, and 2) a good conversation piece. For example: "Your living room is just filled with awesomeness. Where did you get that non-sappy marriage date print?"

Cross My Heart print by nella designs

Also, props to nella designs for not capitalizing on the whole Twilight thing and putting Edward and Bella. I mean, I love Twilight, but it can be taken too far.

And this! I generally hate jewelry that has hearts on it. Can't stand it. I lived in fear that the man I married would NOT consult me before buying an engagement ring and get me a heart shaped diamond (nothing wrong with those if you like them--they're pretty--I just hate the shape of hearts--personal preference) so I always worked into conversation that I hate hearts and ovals. No rational reason, just hate hearts and ovals. Whether in jewelry or on paper. But then I saw this necklace today in my Google Reader (best internet blog tool ever) on Chris Parry's blog and despite my first thought being "I wonder if it comes on a circle or a square pendant" I found that I liked it on the heart. Symbolism and all, you know. And I would gladly wear this necklace daily if it had Jeremy's fingerprint on it. I mean, how cool is that? It's just so original.

Fingerprint Pendant from Chris Parry

And lately I've been way into the personalized jewelry idea. Like, simple rings and stuff. I've found several on Etsy that I like.

Domed personalized sterling silver ring from La Belle Dame

I like this one because of the meaning of the infinity symbol.

Stackable Personalized Sterling Silver Ring from Chris Parry

And I'd totally get this one and just have our wedding date stamped into it. What's great about these personalized rings is they don't appear to be sappy at all. So even though there's a romantic meaning behind it, it's not blatant like a marriage cross stitch with that quote I made up. So for those of us that tend to be more private (like myself), these are great solutions while still celebrating our marriages!

I typed up my husband's biology paper last night while he told me what he wanted to say. 3 hours later we were done. I told him he so owed me a present. Perhaps I'll send him this blog entry to give him ideas. He'll probably buy me a paint brush, though. And I'm okay with that!


Laura said...

Great finds! You are not sappy. lol I want the finger print pendant. I marked it as a favorite, now I need to decide if I want it with hunnys print or if I want to get it for him with my print.

cabin + cub said...

all of those are so cute... and not overly sappy, which is nice. sometimes the sappier things are, the cheesier.

Kristin said...

That fingerprint pendant is such a sweet idea! Me likey!