Monday, April 13, 2009

New Kitchen!

It's finally done! Since we can't repaint, we just bought new furniture and I did new paintings. I re-did two sets of paintings that are available on my Etsy shop for my new kitchen because I love them so much! Here's what the kitchen looked like before:

I loved it, but I got tired of the dark furniture and the lack of efficient space (everything was in odd places and difficult to find). So we got rid of everything. We don't need a table. We never eat at the table. We'd used it about 5 times during our marriage (3 years).

Here's the kitchen now!

Ta-da! Brighter, much more organized, and larger! I actually enjoy cooking now! And it's much easier to keep clean because there are no "catch all" places like the table and the island were.

Another painting set like this one is available for purchase in my Etsy shop--just click here!

There's my awesome magnetic knife strip, the nifty new shelves from Ikea with our pretty dishes and appliances, and my new microwave (dream come true!)!

And lastly, our second set of shelves, our water cooler (best purchase ever--Costco), and a second set of these paintings--you can purchase the set that is available on my Etsy store by clicking here!

And here are some details from our kitchen that I love. I especially love my items from Anthropologie (the bowls, the green colander, the salt and pepper shakers--which are useless! The holes on top are massive.) and my Ratatouille cookie jar that I got at the Disney Store.


Carolyne said...

Sara, I love it!! It's perfect for spring! Your paintings match your whole color scheme too. Love your Anthropologie bowls...I like the different color blues with the white.

Sara said...

Thanks Carolyne! It's so much brighter and bigger! I love it and I love to be in there now. I used to avoid it because it always seemed so full before.

Judy said...

It is so pretty and fresh!! Love the new painting! Enjoy your new space.

Michelle said...

I love your new kitchen, especially the new paintings. They are so bright and cheery!!!

Laura said...

Sara it looks great! I am contemplating doing something like that myself. I need to incorporate a work space. I love the storage you added maybe I need to hit Ikea and do the same. It looks like a happy place to be!

Creative Coquette said...

Great job!!! hee, my two favs of your paintings are in there as well!

I adore those Anthropologie latte bowls, I give those out as gifts lots of times.

Alyson Pace said...

I love your new kitchen. You should be a decorator/artist. I'm so proud of you and all your talents.

Love, Mom