Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Mix & Match Painting Series!

I have six new abstract painting sets in my Etsy shop! They're part of an affordable new art series that allows you to choose which colors and sets you want to buy, as well as how you want to arrange them. The first Mix & Match set up is solely based on color and texture. I'm working on other canvases that fit into this set as well as other styles for the Mix & Match series.

Each set for $25 consists of four 4" x 4" gallery stretched canvases and can be displayed on their own or combined with other sets from the series to create a larger piece of art. Here are some of the sets currently available in my shop!

Each of these sets is available for purchase separately, with discounted shipping if you want to purchase more than one set.

More sets will be coming over the week and then even more once I get my new shipment of canvases!


Carolyne said...

Beautiful colors and fabulous idea!

Punky N Munky said...

so pretty! Love the purple!