Monday, April 20, 2009

Swear/Rant/Panic/Cry/Give Up

Or: Damn it/WTF?! Why don't they have a tech support number?!/What do I do?!/Cry/Oh well, guess there's always next year.

Tonight at midnight is the application deadline for the Ogden Arts Festival. I would've had my application in weeks ago, only I didn't know about the show until this weekend. I've been trying for the better part of this afternoon and this evening to submit my application. I created new logins, I tried to submit myself and my grandfather; it never worked. I can fill out the application but when I hit "checkout" it says there are no shows ready for checkout. So I go to the application and re-fill it out and it says, "Ready for Checkout" and I click "checkout" and it says there are no shows ready for checkout.

I contacted Zapp ( you apply for art shows) and they never got back to me before they closed for the day. The deadline changed on Zapp to tomorrow night at midnight so maybe it's a site-wide problem, but the rules for the show still say tonight and there's nothing on the forums or official announcements about it. And the show's coordinator didn't answer when I called. I left a message though.

So hopefully, when I try later tonight it'll work. Or, the deadline really has been moved. Or the show will get a ton of e-mails about no one being able to apply today and they'll extend it (if the extension on Zapp isn't really an exception.

I'm hoping I won't have to wait for next year.

UPDATE: Yes! They know and they postponed it. Everyone is having that problem.


Laura said...

That just sucks. I am sorry. I hope the problem is on their end and they fix it. Fingers crossed for you. :)

Laura said...

I am happy they are getting it fixed. :) You should get a needle felting kit. It is a lot of fun and not very expensive. Well unless you go fiber crazy. The nice thing is a little wool can go a long way. You can find some great kits on etsy. I got my first kit there. They have a lot of kits to make this or that with patterns but I bought a kit without a pattern since I like to figure things out myself.
I have only been needle felting a little under a year.