Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Temptations: I Deserve a Present

I deserve a present.

1) I just finished writing a chapter on Social Security for our book at work. Only like, 12 chapters to go. This might kill me.

2) I pulled together an awesome roundtable this morning (but note to self: Tuesdays = smaller turnout) for work--thanks a million to my friend Amanda (we grew up together in Minnesota, you can find her on Etsy at after the bump for all your cute baby accessory needs) for coming and talking about nutrition and exercise.

3) I just want a present. Jeremy owes me one and he hasn't delivered yet.

So I thought I'd browse (where else?) Etsy! (Well, an answer to "where else?" would be Anthropologie because that's been my shopping place of choice since I was 14, but today I'm surfing Etsy.)

So here are a few of the things that I'm loving right now:

First off, let's give a little love to my friend Amanda and her new Etsy shop. She just started at Etsy last Monday. She already has several adorable items for babies and while I do not yet have a child (no, I don't know when I'll have one, do not ask, I'm sick of that question--explanation: I live in Utah) I will definitely be buying my kid one of Amanda's hats when I do have one:

Chunky urban newsboy cap, size 3-6 months--Free shipping

How cute are those?

Now. Moving on to something that I could use in an artistic endeavor. Jamie Ribisi is one of my favorite Etsy artists. He's amazing. And he paints with encaustic which I would LOVE to learn how to do. I seriously envy his talent. Lucky for me he sells starter kits with instructions!!

Encaustic Painting Kit sampler set of handmade paint with Hot Mess tutorial

Jamie, you are my encaustic idol.

Speaking of Idol, anyone watching tonight? I can't seem to stop caring...two people go home this week.

And then finally, because this is pure awesome:

Water Bottle Cozy - Monster Shark in Silver Grey by Handamade

Okay. I can't stop laughing about this and maybe I have a stupid sense of humor, but here you go:

What's funny is that farts really can be lit on fire.


Amanda said...

THANKS for the shout out! You're awesome. That monster cozy is hilarious. I would buy it just because. Who doesn't want one of those? I'd probably pee my pants every time I took a drink though. No, I wouldn't pee my pants. Whenever you have a baby, I'll make you whatever you want.

Sara said...

Hahahahaha!!! Nice reference to the "pee my pants" thing.

And I would buy it just because, too. It's awesome!