Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Calendars and Pretty Things

Going along with my post yesterday regarding goals, I figured I needed a calendar system that would help me easily keep track of how I was going. And I wanted everything on one calendar (minus dinner, because that goes on the fridge and I want the goals calendar in my studio). So I just made a quick little calendar in Microsoft Word. I'll probably buy one of those purchase and print calendars that Etsy sellers sell at some point for the added cuteness, but for right now this is working just fine. I have six goals each day. That might sound like a lot, but they're relatively small goals. Morning Yoga (20-30 minutes), 1 hour of painting, evening exercise (racquetball with Jeremy, weight lifting, P90X, etc...), make dinner, pick up what needs picking up in the house, spend time with Jeremy. Then at the bottom I have the monthly goals for May that don't necessarily need to be done daily.

If you need a quick little calendar for these purposes, feel free to steal mine. Here they are:

May 2009 Dinner Calendar

May 2009 Goals Calender

And here are my recipes again. Lots have changed. Simplified to require the least amount of prep time possible. And some have been added.

Sara's Monthly Recipes

Now, onto the pretty things!

My friend Amanda did a Mother's Day Gift Guide on her shop's blog today and she showcased this bag:

the artist satchel, marigold

I HAVE to have that bag! And it comes in different colors, like a gorgeous leaf or pomegranate color! And they tailor the straps to fit you and the inside to fit your tools. I wouldn't really carry my paintbrushes around in it, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't use it until it was completely useless. My husband has been bugging me to get a "good purse" rather than something for $19.95 at TJ Maxx. I'm going to give this link to him. Our anniversary is coming up.

And how great would these earrings look with that bag:

Gold and Green Crystal Earrings from GlamKate

GlamKate is a blog friend of mine and I absolutely 100% love her style. So of course when she opened her Etsy shop I found myself loving everything in it. Especially these earrings. Love them. Can't stop thinking about them. Will be buying them this weekend (so please don't buy them out from under me).

And lastly, I don't know why this dress from Anthropologie is nearly $400 (besides being silk), but I find myself willing.

First Days Dress from Anthropologie

Especially with that bag and those earrings!

I'm wondering if I should take up sewing just to learn how to make a dress that pretty.

And last, a bit of news. I'll be finishing up some mini paintings tonight that will act as greeting cards! Yay! Great alternative to Hallmark (and seriously, Hallmark is expensive and gets thrown out--paintings last forever and will be pretty much the same price).


Laura said...

OMG Sara I want that bag!! I need to stop playing with my play money and save some of it so I can buy one. Thanks for sharing it! I have a new favorite seller on my list. :)

milk made baby said...

HOW did you find calendars on Word that start with Sunday? All I've ever been able to find are ones that start with Monday.

Rachel said...

I think you should do fashion sara! Really, you could design or be a shopper for a company... you are so creative and real fashionista!