Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goals for May

In the post below I recapped my April goals. Didn't hit all of them, but I did a pretty awesome job. Despite this, I still have some areas I need to work on. So, here we go again!

1. Stock Artfire shop with at least 15 items (I think I really should do this, despite my lack of enthusiasm for Artfire--even if I just stock it with my cheaper items)
2. 50 items in Etsy shop by end of May - 27 in shop right now
3. Print business cards
5. Spend at least 1 hour painting each night (make a calendar to mark off progress--I will post the calendar at recap time)
6. Sell 10 paintings this month
7. Finish 3 large paintings/painting sets
8. Finish 5 small paintings/painting sets
9. Try new things
10. Give Encaustic painting a whirl (which means, buy tutorial set from Jamie Ribisi)

Personal Goals:
1. WAKE UP!!! and do yoga (I canceled my gym membership, I'm totally preferring P90X--such a great workout--can't slack like I can on an elliptical machine while reading a trashy novel)
2. Lose 10 lbs.
3. Keep the house clean
4. Stick to the meal plan
5. Limit video games to 1-2 hours per night and ONLY after I've finished painting

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