Friday, May 1, 2009


I went to the Aldo Shoes website because I'm going to Anthropologie and there's an Aldo next door and their shoes are always comfortable and cute so I figured I'd get a feel for what they had to go with whatever dress or two I decide to buy this weekend.

I clicked on "fashion flats" after visiting the wedge and strappy heels page.

And what I saw the the single worst (and largest) page of the worst. shoes. ever.

There were probably about 100 pairs of shoes on this page, each worse than the last.

First off, if these are fashionable, then I'm fine with being a fashion pariah. Second, can you imagine these shoes with the dresses that I have in the post below?

The gladiator look has got to go!

So, I retreated back to (because it's safe there) and looked at their shoes. All is well with the world (for the most part).


Laura said...

of Sara they have to be some of the worst shoes ever. I grew up in the 80's we went threw some strappy shoes and I would gladly wear my 80's shoes over any of those. Your other choices are much cuter. ;)

Amanda said...

Ha! Gross. I saw someone wearing those strappy gladiator flats at graduation. With a cap and gown. Really??

Creative Coquette said...

LOL, those are totally awful. Who wears those?????