Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saliva? Not the problem here.

We'll get to the title in a second.

First off, I've been MIA for several days for no good reason, really. I suppose I just didn't have anything to say. Quick rundown of the past week:

1. Memorial Day was spent with Jeremy mostly reading and looking around town for a canopy for the upcoming art show (June 13th--Art By Jay will be selling--Ogden, UT Arts Festival). Wal-Mart is a godsend. Same tent as the sporting goods stores, only $50 cheaper. And close-out walls for $29.

2. A negligent and inept 24 Hour Fitness employee put my new debit card number onto someone else's account so I've been paying HER dues for the last two months while they couldn't get my last month of dues (because I canceled in March) from my account because that card number no longer existed because it had "potentially been compromised" (said my bank). No one at 24 Hour Fitness corporate offices speaks English or understands it--an unnatural hatred for that gym has taken root in me. Finally got it fixed locally. Though I'm watching my bank statement next month like a hawk come the 26th of the month. This will have been the fourth time in four years that they messed up my billing. Hence my cancellation of my membership.

3. My filling chipped in the middle of The Terminator on Friday night (which was boring). Lame. So I had to use that DentTemp stuff from Wal-Greens all weekend (though really, that stuff is AMAZING--it's like a temporary filling or crown glue). I kept eating it with my meals though and I'd have to start all over again. Dentist said I probably needed a crown. I said, "Hey, you did this two months ago, if it needs one now, it needed one then. NO." So he just filled it. I'll worry about it in a year. We're not going back to that dentist anyway because he makes me cry. We're going to Jeremy's old dentist who he says is nice. Direct quote from dentist that makes me cry: "If you wouldn't let saliva pool at the bottom of your lip and sit there, you wouldn't get cavities." EXCUSE ME?! How long does he think I sit around with a drool-filled lip? And who doesn't have the natural reflex to swallow excess saliva? So not the problem here. Lame genes are the problem here. All the brushing and flossing in the world doesn't get my anywhere. And I use the stupid toothpaste you tell me to, Mr. Dentist, and it's. not. helping.

4. My 3 year anniversary is this weekend. Yay! Still have no big plans. That's okay though.

5. Umm....that's it. Oh! Only TWO chapters left to go in the book I'm writing at work. The celebration of this being done might be worth taking up drinking for.

Now. I've listed a new custom listing on my Etsy shop for any color you want for the Pure Color: Mix and Match series.

Colors in the picture are just some samples of ones that I've already done. So if you want a color that isn't pre-painted and currently for sale, now there's an easy way to order it! Just buy that listing, follow the instructions in the listing for the "Notes to Seller," and then I'll paint it for you! Want one in hot pink? You got it. Want a purely black and white one? No problem! (Thinking I'll do one of those tonight, actually. I think it'd be cool!)


Laura said...

The whole tooth thing just sucks :( I understand. I need 2 root canals done that would cost me around 1600.00 or I can pull the three for under 150.00 well um sounds like a no brainer. We have a Flex account for medical and dental so I will just make the account larger next year with hopes of getting something put in the hole that is not in the very back. Let me just say if this was a front tooth I would sell my car before I went without it. :) I love the color choices, I am tempted to get some for my sons room but since I cant afford teeth I should probably hold of on acting like I can just spend money whenever I want. :( Have a great weekend and congrats on three years!!

Amanda said...

I hate dentists. We need to go back. We haven't been for 11 months. That's not good. And I know we both had emerging cavities.

Love the new listing. Good idea. I think it's easier to do it that way. Saves money so you don't have to list each color individually. I found that with my shop so now all my items are made to order.

Congrats on three years. I still can't believe it's been that long. But at the same time I feel like it's been longer than that. Hmm.

Kristin said...

I can relate. I've had 3 root canals and crowns in the last year. And I am anal about my teeth care. Bad genes suck!

Sara said...


It's like we're the same person. Mouth-wise, anyway.

tamara! said...

Ugh, Sara, I am so sorry! I am lucky enough to be new to this whole "teeth falling apart" thing, but now that it's here I'm not happy! Haha.

Congrats on finding a great tent for your art show, and for getting your billing nightmare sorted. :)