Friday, June 26, 2009

Currently suffering from...

...a painting block.

I bought some new supplies this week. Hopefully when they get here the creative juices will flow. Gotta try out my new modeling paste and my encaustic paints.

I sold my most "Treasuried" painting this week (by "Treasuried" I mean that it's been my most popular and has been put in more Etsy treasuries than any of my others).

I ordered more canvases of this size and plan on doing variations of this in different colors and adding texture.

And Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was great. I really enjoyed it. Though I'm really attached to Bumblebee (the yellow Camaro) and every time he ended up in a fight I'd get nervous that he would be hurt.

Which is really unnecessary because it's a movie. I know this.

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Amanda said...

I really like that painting. Maybe one day when I have a huge house and lots of money I'll have paintings like that...

I really want to see Transformers. Maybe when it's in the dollar theater.