Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Deal: An Etsy Prize for Every 10lbs Lost

You remember "The Ryan J. and Ann B. Race for the Cure for Obesity in 42 Year Old Men" fitness challenge that I am participating in with my family this summer (Ryan and Ann are my uncle and aunt)?

I have found the perfect motivator.

Rainbow Swirlz!

There is nothing in this shop that I don't want. I love the styles, I love her hedgehog, I love her owl, I love her bags.

So, here's the deal. My husband said that for every 10 lbs I lose this summer, I can buy one thing from her shop! I really really want that hedgehog tote. So cute!

Rainbow Swirlz currently has a 3 totes (like the ones in the last picture) for $23 deal! You can choose from any of her cute, simple cotton totes. 3 for only $23!

Gotta get started on those first 10 lbs tonight.

I'm currently using the Nike+.com site to keep track of my runs (my gosh I hate running) and my current goals. Currently I would just like to run a mile 10 times this month, each under 12 minutes. I've always sucked at running. I always passed the Presidential physical fitness test until it came to the mile. And then suddenly I was completely unfit and stupid and ran it in abysmal times, such as 12:15. Which means I failed.

So that's my goal this month. The next month will be 11 minute miles. The next month will be 10 minute miles. And the last month will be 9 minute miles. If I can shave 3 minutes off of my mile I'm pretty sure I will win the "award of noteworthy value at the awards ceremony" in September. And actually, my mile is currently 14 minutes (I cringe as I admit that, but I have to get that out there and make myself publicly accountable) and the first time trial is this Saturday. I'd really like to shave off at least 30 seconds over the course of this week, but if I can't, that means if I can meet my goals I will have shaved off FIVE minutes. That is definitely worthy of a substantial, noteworthy prize at the awards ceremony. I have until September 26th to meet this ultimate goal. I'd definitely win.

I have another motivator, too.


We're staying at the Paradise Pier Hotel in Disneyland Resort in September and they have a roof top pool. I would like to be able to use that roof top pool during our afternoon breaks (when the park is unbearable and our feet need a rest) without being fully dressed from head to toe due to embarrassment about my thighs.

And I would like to get a tan while I'm there, which means that I simply must be able to wear less clothing than I would currently be comfortable with. And how cute would one of Rainbow Swirlz's tank tops be as a mini swimsuit cover up?

So here's to a new start. And yes, oatmeal will be a key part of this. This morning, it was maple and brown sugar.


Linda said...

You go girl. I'm trying the Special K cereal diet. But, chocolate in between isn't happening.

Sara said...


Have the Special K cereal with the chocolate chunks. It cures that chocolate craving and it still part of the Special K cereal diet.

I love their cereals. So yummy. Especially the Cinnamon & Pecan one. Yum!

kim* said...

ok well thats cool

Christy DeKoning said...

Good luck - you can do anything you set your mind to :-)

Here's another little tip: If you want to cut refined sugar out of your diet, try adding raisins and/or PURE maple syrup to your oatmeal instead of brown sugar. It's just as sweet, and unrefined! Maple syrup (pure) contains all kinds of good stuff for the body - in moderation, of course! You won't be cutting calories, but you will be improving the nutrients - always good for your health!

Gallery32 said...

Good luck with your weight loss. Shopping is a good motivator. BTW, I really like your 'Pure Color' series.

Samantha said...

That's a sweet deal, good luck with the diet! Those clothes sure are a cute motivator, off to check out her shop.