Monday, June 8, 2009

I ate oatmeal! And sold paintings!

Those two things aren't necessarily linked.

First. Oatmeal. My arch nemesis since I was a little girl and just the sight of it nearly made me throw up. I remembered while we were at Costco on Saturday that I liked that packet oatmeal with the strawberries and marshmallows a few years back, and I needed something easy for breakfasts (and sometimes lunches) here at work. So we picked up a variety pack of instant oatmeal for me. 55 packets.

And spare me any lectures about how the "instant" oatmeal isn't nearly as good for you as the oats that you cook on the stove. It's better than Reese's Puffs.

Sadly the pack doesn't contain the strawberry one. But it has apples and cinnamon, maple and brown sugar, cinnamon roll, and regular. Probably never gonna eat the regular. Ick. Even adding your own sugar to the regular one doesn't make it good.

I had the Maple & Brown Sugar one for breakfast this morning--and I LIKED IT!! Miraculous. I think the gods must be smiling on me and my crazy eating habits because I want to do well in the family fitness challenge this summer, so the gods are letting me not choke and gag over the thought of oatmeal. And I had an apple. And I took my Lifepak Nano vitamins. (Which I would NEVER pay over $150 per month for even though I've gotta admit--they make me feel really great and energized--but someone Jeremy works with gave him a full month supply of the vitamin packs--Jeremy's always getting presents for doing his job--a golf club here, a football team issue hat there, a shirt here, $20 there, expensive vitamins here, etc...) And I had a bottle of water. And we're running tonight. I feel amazing.

Now. On to the reason(s) why I've been MIA for the past week.

1. It was my anniversary this week so there was a lot of celebrating going on.
2. I sold 7 paintings this week between my grandfather's shop and my shop, so I've been busy with orders.
3. I'm getting ready to take my grandpa to the Ogden Arts Festival this weekend, which is a ton of work.
4. I've had nothing to say.

So, there you go.

Sold this week on Art By Jay:

Sold this week on ArtsAfire:

And Jeremy got me these from the beside on Etsy for our anniversary:

And. I lost half of my Nike + iPod thing. The receiver is in my shoe, but the little dongle that you plug into your iPod--totally fell out of my purse at some unknown location. So I have to buy a new one this week.

Also, new prints are available on Art By Jay! Only $20! And the ACEOs are still only $7!


Laura said...

Sounds like a good week!
I am also discovering that I like oatmeal better then I thought. Here is a real un-healthy thing to do with plain oatmeal:
dice some apple I use granny smith then with butter and sugar I saute it in a pan until it is soft and the sugar butter is a pretty golden brown. Then I pour it over the oatmeal. I use a lot of butter and sugar so it is probably super bad for you but it tastes great. :)

Creative Coquette said...

Oooooooo congrats on all the sales! and the anniversary too :)

You are better than me. I can not even imagine trying to get down oatmeal, it's a texture thing for me, but how I wish I could as I'm in the same boat needing something easy for breakfast but dislike most easy breakfast stuff. I gag on milk and mushy textures :(

We start our Cross Fit training this Friday [crosses fingers] hopefully it will get our booties in shape!

Steph said...

Ok, 1) Happy Anniversary!
2) congrats on the sales! way to go!!

3) I eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast, except weekends. I've been doing it for almost a year now and I'm not sick of it. It's the only thing that has enough fuel for me to get through the morning. Like seriously, I brought it to Europe, and bring it when I stay over at a friends place out of town. I use the instant stuff, and only eat the Maple and brown sugar one.

some words of advice- DON'T buy the 'weight control' one unless you enjoy protein powder. I can't stand the smell and in oatmeal, it's disgusting.
If the water has cooled even slightly, it will make your oatmeal soggy, the water has to be just boiled. If it's been even 2 minutes after the kettle is done, boil it again and then pour over the oatmeal. Makes a huge difference!

LOL. now I'm laughing at myself for writing that much about oatmeal!

glorybe1024 said...

I have been unable to swallow oatmeal since I was a child. I have managed to force down some of the flavored instant oatmeal but it still is not on the top of my list of foods for breakfast.

Congrats on the sales!!

Sara said...

I've been eating my oatmeal for an entire week now! I'm so proud of myself. And Steph, I like the Maple & Brown Sugar one best, too. I also like the Apples & Cinnamon. Not so sure about the Cinnamon Roll one--didn't float my boat.

And I didn't know they made a weight control oatmeal. I just buy the variety box of 55 packets from Costco. :) Breakfast for almost THREE months at work! I'm amazed.

Carolyne said...

I love the brown sugar instant oatmeal too. And I prefer instant too...well I like steel cut oats because they're tiny like the instant, not huge like the rolled oats, which are not goodly.

Congrats on selling so many paintings!

jenuinejems said...

These are darling!
LOL on the oatmeal! I feel ya there! Not my fave although I wish I could love it!
Congrats on all of your sales! That is awesome!