Monday, June 22, 2009

Musical Monday. And I fell down one stair.

And those two things DO go together when it comes to my Musical Monday selection. So the subtitle to Musical Monday is "What moves you?" Today I'm going to take that literally and tell you what's been moving me lately--literally. Maino ft. T-Pain, "All the Above."

Best. Running. Song. Ever. I dare you to not feel pumped up when you hear these awesome beats.

So that's the song that's been moving my feet in my quest for weight loss and better health.

BUT. I was at my aunt and uncle's house to kick start our family health/fitness challenge this weekend. We were going to run the mile together but it was raining, so we all did a Jillian Michaels' workout video together. I hate that woman--she is pure evil. But she's also a former chubby chick and since she's pretty much the most svelte person ever now, she's pretty trustworthy when it comes to "what works."

After we were all done we had a Skinny Cow ice cream pop (Yum! And only 80 calories!) and then we went to leave.

Cue Sara biffing it (I haven't used that term since, oh, the 90s) on their garage stairs. There are only two or three of them. I overstepped the first one and then there was just no hope whatsoever of saving myself. My ankle rolled one way, I tried to steady myself but over corrected and my ankle rolled the other way, then I stepped forward hoping to catch myself on the next stair with my other foot (I was relatively okay at this point--my ankle was limbered up from working out or something and the rolling didn't hurt it) but since I'd overstepped the first step I also overstepped the second step.

I went down. With my ankle underneath me and my foot was super-ballerina-flexed backward. Wanting to get it out from under me since it was in a not-so-pleasant position, I scraped it out from under me on the concrete steps. So I scraped off quite a bit of skin--it just kept getting bigger as the evening went on after Jeremy and I got home, which was weird. But anyway. Nothing is broken or even sprained, but man those scabs/not-yet-scabs hurt when I put any weight on my foot and my shin muscles and the arch of my foot are a mass of pulled muscles.

I'm a pretty useless person right now.

But all this ties into Musical Monday! Because right now, "All the Above" can only "move me" figuratively. Jeremy has forbidden me from even trying to walk slowly around a track until at least Wednesday. But as soon as I'm able to fully move again, you can bet this song will be at the top of my "Run!" playlist (and yes, it does have an exclamation point--I find it provides motivation when an exclamation point is used in my running playlist).

(Side note: I sent my husband to the grocery store for a Snickers bar because it's like Advil to a hurt person (a.k.a. me) and he came home with 30 candy bars. "Because the 6 packs were 2 for $6 and a hurt foot deserves treats." He is officially a hazard to my diet.)

Musical Monday


jori-o said...

I love songs that get you moving---and while I'm sad you hurt yourself, your description was pretty good, and I couldn't help but giggle---a little bit. Biffing it! Haven't heard that in awhile! Hope you heal quickly! =)

R and M said...

sorry about your ankle :( that sounds painful.