Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Custom Request for a "War" Drum

My dad goes to the re-enactments back East every summer. He just took Williamsburg for the British this past weekend--yes, he's a Red Coat. (Tangent: Look at all that wool that he's wearing. In Virginia. In the middle of the summer. They should really do these re-enactments in the dead of winter.)

A guy in his regiment needs to have a drum (you know, the drum that one unlucky, unarmed guy in the army played in front of the army while they marched) painted with their seal/coat of arms/what-have-you so tonight I will be trying this out on paper and then I'll accept the commission to paint it on a drum:

They already have one drum painted and it's a bit worn, so I'll need to paint this one to match the semi-worn drum. It's actually supposed to have the crown above it (you know, God Save the Queen!) like in the picture below on the tent, but I'm just going to practice the shield tonight since he didn't have a better picture including the crown right now:

Contrary to what I sell in my Etsy shop I actually started as a realistic artist, not an abstract artist. It'll be fun to do something that calls for an incredibly steady hand and minute detail--it's been a while. The last time I did something realistic was for my dad for Christmas this past year. He really likes this Charles Scheeler lithograph, so I drew it for him:

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Carolyne said...

Sara, that is so cool that your dad participates in that. I think it would be such fun to go and see it!

And, you did a really amazing job on that lithograph! It's fabulous!

Sara said...

My mom went with him last week and she said it was really cool. They went to a witch trial and she saw him take Williamsburg.

She said it was awfully hot, though, and all the soldiers, including my dad, smelled in all their wool. Or, as he puts it, they were awfully "aromatic."

Seaside and Lollipops said...

Amazing pictures. Oh, and your sketch - - Beautiful. Wow. Sara, you definitely need to steer towards art as a field of work. It's good that you have other talents to fall back on. You are surely blessed my dear.