Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everything that is new, condensed for your reading pleasure

1. My painting greetings are FINALLY available for sale!! Right now only the abstract line is up. More styles are coming. You can personalize the message and there are multiple colors to choose from!

2. Both ArtByJay and ArtsAfire are open on 1000 Markets! We're still adding items, but it's up and running!

3. I'm only 3 items away from my goal of having 50 items in my Etsy shop by August 1st! And I'll have 15 in my Artfire shop tonight so when I do my goals recap, I'll be able to mark off quite a few!

4. I really need to make a sale. Getting slightly down here.

5. But, on a positive note, I've been really great about my fitness and nutrition lately! I'm down 3 lbs in the last week! Well on my way to fitting into the best jeans ever (my Ann Taylor curvy jeans--they have a smaller waistband than hips so there's no weird gapping) for our Disneyland trip!

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