Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's Recap, Shall We?

**Be sure to see the end of this entry for a link to a great giveaway hosted by Amanda at After the Bump! You could win an awesome crib quilt!**

It's past the middle of the month and therefore past my "goal recap" time, but seeing as my life has been a whole lot of exercising (because I weighed myself the other day and I just about died), eating salad, and painting lately, I haven't been by to give love to my usually love-filled blog.

So, here it goes:

1. Stock Artfire shop with at least 15 items (I think I really should do this, despite my lack of enthusiasm for Artfire--even if I just stock it with my cheaper items) - While not technically listed yet, all I've got left to do is take pictures. I'm starting my Artfire shop with a line of mini paintings that include a greeting. Mini painting greetings! So much cooler than Hallmark.
2. 50 items in Etsy shop by end of July - 34 in shop right now - 37 in shop right now. I still have time, don't worry, I will get there. Plus, I removed one of my paintings because I just couldn't part with it. Otherwise I'd be at 38!
3. Finish printing business cards - Done!
4. Make a flier and post on community bulletin boards - Forgot about this...
5. Spend at least 1 hour painting each night (make a calendar to mark off progress--I will post the calendar at recap time) - I can't mark this off yet because it isn't the end of the month, but I've spent 1 hour (on average, some nights it's just not possible because there's dinner and P90X and running) each night painting so far.
6. Sell 10 paintings this month - So far I've only sold one...this isn't looking good. I had a second sale which resulted in my first non-paying buyer. So sad.
7. Finish 3 large paintings/painting sets - I have one done. I still have time.
8. Finish 5 small paintings/painting sets - So totally finished.
9. Try new things - Done! Modeling paste was a discovery from this month. It's my new love.
10. Give Encaustic painting a whirl (since I recently bought a starter set from Jamie Ribisi on Etsy) - Still haven't done this. I just don't have the money for a heat gun right now. Does anyone know if a blow dryer on the hottest setting would work? Something to explore.

Personal Goals:
1. WAKE UP!!! and let Jillian Michaels kick my butt - So far, okay. I did her twice yesterday. I've noticed when my husband is there "keeping me company" I work out twice as hard.
2. Walk/Run with Jeremy after work 4 days a week - Hasn't happened once. I forgot Jeremy had bad knees...
3. Lose 10 lbs. - I'm down two...not good enough for me because Disneyland and a roof top pool is in my near future
4. Keep the house clean - You could white glove that place!
5. Stick to the meal plan - Nothing like homemade mashed potatoes and chicken.
6. Limit video games to 1-2 hours per night and ONLY after I've finished painting - Confession Time: I'm not in a gaming mood this month. I haven't played at all, so this is not a terrific example of my awe-inspiring willpower.

Overall, I'm doing pretty good this month. Minus the weight loss goal. But I've recently (read: yesterday) started tracking what I eat (The Daily Plate at livestrong.com is the best. tool. ever.), and recently (read: yesterday) I started eating salads for lunch and oatmeal for breakfast and having a well-balanced dinner. And I've kept it up! (For these two days.) I'm so hitting that 10 lbs goals. And with Jillian Michaels' help, and her promise of diet + her 30-Day Shred = 20 lbs lighter in 30 days, I'll be swimsuit-okay by the time we go to Disneyland and take our "nap time" around the roof top pool.

Now, about that giveaway.

After the Bump is hosting an amazing giveaway sponsored by BeddingSets.com! The winner will receive a beautiful piece of bedding: a Noah's Ark themed crib quilt from Banian. This giveaway ends on Thursday, July 23, 2009, so don't miss out on your chance to win!

Only two days left! Get on over there!

UPDATE: I'm down 1 pound since yesterday. Hooray for Dr. Allsen and Fitness for Life (look it up--not the high school version, but the program written by Phillip Allsen--he works with my husband and met with me and helped me learn how to eat right and gave me a copy of his book--it's great!), P90X, and Jillian Michaels! Now let's see if I can pull it off again tomorrow morning after another round of the Dr. Allsen diet, P90X, and Jillian Michaels. I'll let you know.


Rachel said...

Hey Sara,
Have you ever gotten your thyroid checked? All the Houmand women have Hypothyroidism. You should check and see if your doctor hasnt already.

Sara said...

I keep bringing it up but the routine blood tests say it's "within normal range" and he won't send me to a specialist, which is where my mom had to go to be diagnosed. I'm thinking of getting a new doctor that will do the more sensitive test. Mom's routine blood work said she was within normal range, but the sensitive tests by the kidney doctor showed that it was just slightly off. Just enough to give her hypothyroidism but not enough to show on regular tests. I have a physical in a month and if I haven't lost weight by then (and if I haven't, something will DEFINITELY need to be checked because I'm dieting hardcore and working out twice a day) I'm going to demand the more sensitive test or go to someone else. I'm the only one left in the family that hasn't been diagnosed!

Amanda said...

Hey Sara, thanks for the shout out! Did you have trouble getting people to enter your giveaway. I understand a quilt doesn't suit many people's needs. You've totally got all the entries, so I'd be surprised if you don't get it. :) My internet blows right now so I'm trying to answer convos and emails on dave's phone. Lame. It takes a million times as long with these tiny keys...

Losing weight sucks. I totally feel for you. I'm still working on my baby weight and it's been 9 months.