Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love California

And this piece right here, totally reminds me of the California sun. (The word "totally" also reminds me of California because of it's "Valley Girl" connotations.) It's only $16 right now. Can't pass that up. Just click here. :)

Just got back from a business trip to California where I had an intensive day of Redtail CRM training. I've come to the conclusion that California and I get along well. I mean, I'd like to avoid L.A. I think it might be scary living there. I feel safer walking around in NYC late at night than I do going into a gas station in L.A. That's where I was this weekend.

But I would still like to live in Southern California. The fact that it's near Disneyland is a big bonus, too, since that's our favorite thing to do. We're going back for my birthday in 2 weeks.

My official "birthday season" started this weekend. Yes, my birthday is a big event. Jeremy and I went shopping and I got two new pairs of shoes from ATL, two necklaces and some gorgeous earrings from Anthropologie, and two new shirts ($12 and $14 on sale at Ann Taylor Loft and NOT summer clothing--sale on fall clothing!). Overall, it was a good haul.

If you'd like to contribute to my birthday fund...

my sale is still going on!

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