Friday, October 23, 2009

New ACEO prints! And a bathroom remodel!

I've made my pointillism flowers available as ACEO prints! They're for sale individually and right now, to coincide with my sale, they're 20% off! Only $4 for these beauties! With an oversized mat, these make a really elegant statement. In fact, I'm thinking of framing one to put next to my pretty silver lamp on my bedside table in lieu of a vase of flowers, which I think is actually too overpowering on my bedside table since my lamp is of a larger size. When I get it framed I'll take a picture. Anyway, here they are!

You know how I get bored and instead of moving I remodel a room (so much cheaper in the long run)? Well, I bought a new shower curtain. It's black and white and vintage Mickey Mouse. Trust me, it's classy. It's not one of those plastic ones like most Disney shower curtains--it's a heavy fabric and it's got really pretty designs around the edge. Anyway. I liked it so much that I bought the matching rug. But that's as Disney-fied as I'm going to make the bathroom (it makes us really happy, though). But now I'm itching to change the rest of it up! Make it more sleek and clean and less frou-frou to better match the new Mickey Mouse shower curtain and bath mat (really, it's Disney, but it's not frou-frou--it's making me look around at my bathroom and think, "PINK? REALLY?!" And yes, it's a really gorgeous coral-y Anthropologie based bathroom. And I still get completely giddy over my matching rugs and towels from there, but I think it's time for a change.) So, over the next month I'll be buying new accessories and towels. Replacing the pink with black and white with a touch of green. And replacing flowers with milk bottles and other pretty glass containers.

Can't wait to post pictures!

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